Which Bldg at Pop Century


We are booked at POP Century for a weekend the end of the month. The people we are going with did not want to pay the extra $$ for a preferred location. Is there a building that is close to the bus depot/food court that is not considered “preferred”? I know there is no guarantee but we would like to request that location if there is one.



I liked the 80’s! We walked across the parking to Classic Hall/bus…it took us 2 mins top. Here is a map http://allears.net/acc/popmap3.jpg


When I went in 2007, we stayed in the 50s building (Lady building, of Lady and the Tramp) and it was GREAT! At the time, it was a standard location. That might have changed, and it MIGHT be preferred now. If it’s not I’d stay in 50s for sure.


I like the 70’s


We stayed in 50s last time as well…short walk to the food court/lobby/gift shop.


I would like to stay in the 70’s!