Which book is the best: POLL


I have not bought a new guide book in several years and I really want to buy a new 2008 edition of one or two of the books! I went Barnes and Noble yesterday and there was about 50 different books and I had about 10 seconds to choose one, so I did not get one yet. Soooo I would like everyones opinion on which one is the best!!!


Personally I REALLY like the Unofficial Guide. I haven’t been in the market for a new guidebook for a while, but when I was I found it to be the most helpful of all the books. Some give the WDW official version of everything, and some seem like their experts know less than I do. The Unofficial Guide had all sorts of non-Disney endorsed tips on saving $ and time, and it was written by peopke who obviously know their stuff.


Since I am not an expert by any means, I can only say which one is my favorite, and that would be the Unofficial Guide, followed closely by the Passporter.:smile:


I like the Rough Guide to WDW as they are a little more honest than regular guide books.


it’s actually called the Rough Guide? I have never seen this one I will have to look for this one.


I like the Passporter, and my Tour Guide Mike online subscription. The only downside with TGM is that I can’t curl up on the couch to read it, since I don’t have a lap top, but his least crowded park charts make up for that.


Another vote for Unofficial Guide. The best thing is that you can then use the crowd level calendar feature on his website (the site asks specific questions about the book to prove you own it).


I checked the 2008 Unoffical Guide out of our public library, it was great! So my vote is for the Unoffical Guide.


I also vote for the Unofficial guide! I have used the crowd level calendar on their site too and it was very helpful.


Unofficial Guide!!!

Not only is it a great guidebook with real scoop, but it is also hilarious to read. Like laugh-out-loud funny!


Another vote for the Unofficial Guide. Very informative.


One is for WDW and the other is a rough guide to Florida but has a huge section on WDW.
Lonely Planet guides are good too, but I dont know if they have a specific WDW guide.

jacket image for Rough Guide DIRECTIONS Orlando & Walt Disney World by Unknown - large version

Image: The Rough Guide to Florida (Rough Guide Travel Guides): Rough Guides




i might go against the grain a little but I didn’t like the Unofficial guide all that much. It seemed to me like all the people were doing was complaining about Disney… I like Passporter out of the ones I own.


#1 . . . Unofficial Guide . . .

My second choice is The Complete Walt Disney World.


Im glad its not just me then… I like the WDW for kids guide that Birnbaum publishes… Mainly because my daughter fell in love with the pictures and keeps bringing it over to me. Its one of the only books she will sit down and listen to me read.
If you have kids (its actually meant for 7-12 year olds but I figure any kid would like it) then its a good one to get. If anything it encourages them to write down what they see and do and keep a journal of sorts of the vacation.