Which breakfast buffet?


A group of me and my 3 girlfriends are traveling to WDW in the spring and are on the DDP. We (me) are trying to find out which breakfast buffet is worth using our Table Service on. They would rather use it for lunch or dinner, but I thought if we could find one or two buffets that are worth it, I’d like to switch it up a bit since we’ll be there for a week anyway. We’re staying at Pop Century and relying on Disney transport, so it would probably need to be in the park or at one of the resorts near MK. Any ideas? Oh, and we’re all pretty adventurous eaters :smile:


Character meals:
Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom
Chef mickey’s at the contemporary resort
ohanna at the polynesian resort
1900 park fare at the grand floridian resort
Cinderella’s royal table in the magic kingdom

Whispering canyon cafe at the wilderness lodge
Boma at the Animal kingdom lodge

All are worth it.


Our favorite is the Crystal Palace–great puffed french toast and potato casserole and, of course, Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet


Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort. We’ve eaten there twice. We liked it the best. No matter what your age, you can join in the fun. You’re always a child at WDW.


We really enjoy Crystal Palace at MK. You can go to Chef Mickey’s but I really enjoyed the food at Crystal Palace. I’ve also hear that ohana at poly is really good i’m not sure i will be trying it for the first time when i go in Oct, but i will let you know.


Personally, I enjoy Donald’s Breakfast Safari, but if you’d prefer a MK-area location, I’d recommend Chef Mickey’s or Crystal Palace. Also, Akershus in Norway at Epcot might be fun with the girls.


Thanks for your suggestions, I’m going to run them past the girls. I am trying to find a little more than the typical breakfast fare, and the Crystal Palace does seem to have a nice selection. But thats just my preference so we’ll see what everyone decides on :laugh:


my faves are : Chef Mickeys, Crystal Palace, Akershaus.


Crystal Palace has definitely been my favorite of all the ones I have been to.


Crystal Palace is great…always good food and fun characters.

Another suggestion would be Park Faire in the Grand Floridian. It is also a beautiful place and you get to spend some time checking out the GF, then whiz back to the park on the monorail.


I’d have to say that Crystal Palace is my favorite and then Ohana. I love breafast but I would also prefer to spend it on dinner too. I can let you know about Boma after Dec 7th becaues I hear it’s awesome too.


For the food, Crystal Palace!


We loved 1900 Park Faire for breakfast, but that was before the renovation. Crystal Palace and Chef Mickey’s are good, too.


Crystal Palace wins my vote. Great food plus if your reservations are before the park opens say at 8:05 you will walk down main street all to yourself and you can get to your favorite ride first.


We too do not eat breakfast often BUT I wanted to do a breakfast buffet to shake things up a bit.

I have never eaten breakfast in WDW but after extensive, scientific research we chose Boma at AKL.

My reasoning, I wanted something different not just waffles and eggs (which they do serve but they also have different things on the menu) PLUS it gives us an opportunity to see the AKL before we go to AK.

I will be giving a full report in September.



We really enjoyed Ohana. It’s not a buffet, but the food is good!! And plentiful. It’s served “family style” and of course Stitch is bad and crazy, which is good. Park Fare Lane at the GF has a wonderful breakfast buffet. We’re not really buffet fans, but the food was excellent - especially the crispy, crispy bacon.


My suggestion would be 'Ohana, even though it’s not a buffet. (As Llama suggested).

Stitch is there, so it’s going to be awesome and 'Ohana’s food is yummah.


I would have to go with either Chef Mickey or Crystal Palace. The advantage with Crystal Palace is that if you get an early ADR then you can get some awesome pictures down Main Street and in front of the castle without any crowds.


Thanks for all the suggestions :happy:What kind of “different” things do they have on the menu at Boma and Crystal Palace? You know, besides the usual eggs, bacon, etc.


breakfest lasagna- sooooo good!