Which Char. Meal


We are going with three kids that will be 5, 9, and 11. The only girl will be the 9 year old.

I have no idea which one to look into. I have not had enough time to sit down and read all the options and thought that you guys could point me in the right direction. I dont want to do something that is geared to just the girl or just the boys. What is a good one for all three kids?



I would recommend either Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary if you want the traditional Disney character or Liberty Tree Tavern in the MK for the same thing. Chef Mickey’s is a buffet meal while LTT is more like a Thanksgiving Dinner. If your group enjpys the Pooh characters, then I would recommend Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. Chef Mickeys and Crystal Palace have always been must do’s for us. After our last trip, DH has also added LTT as a must do for us.


Chef Mickeys would be perfect for 3 kids in the 5 and up age groups.


Chef MIckeys for sure. We also really love the Crystal Palace (although some people find this restaurant a little ‘babyish’~ WTP and friends). The Garden grill in Epcot was always a big fave of ours too but we have not had a meal there since the refurb a while ago.


I would have to say Chef Mickey’s or Liberty Tree Tavern. Both have good food and really fun character interaction.


I go with the majority - Chef Mickey’s should make everyone happy.


We tried Ohona’s for the first time this year. Lilo and Stitch were a lot of fun. They came back to our table several times.


Another vote for Chef Mickeys. While I love the atmosphere at LTT, I think the kids love CM more. It is so much fun. Also, the thought of eating" thanksgiving dinner" in the August heat (when we typically go) makes me feel nauseous.


I really love all the character meals that have already been mentioned as they all offer something different. I would like to add the Garden Grill at Epcot, we have always had wonderful character interaction there.


I went to Liberty Tree this past week and had lots of fun with the characters. Goofy, Minnie, and Chip came around twice and Goofy put on a little show of falling upstairs for us. He also took all my sharpie pens at once when he signed my autograph book. Each character (the other 2 were Dale and Pluto) spent quite a bit of time at the tables. The food was also good and presented ‘family style’ so you didn’t have to go up to a buffet.


I would book Chef Mickeys at the Contemporary. It has the classic Disney gang which is good for all. If you have the time, we just did Mickey’s Backyard BBQ which is only TH and SAT nights. We loved it.


I love chef mickeys ohannahs and liberty tree… Any of those would be a hit.


You can never go wrong with Chef mickey’s. It’s at the contemporary resort which is a short monorail ride from the magica kingdom. they do breakfast and dinner. Both are fantasic.


Agreed! We personally can’t wait to try it in September - and, we’ve tried many times to be ‘walk-ups’, but it’s hard to get into - so, if you’re gonna do Chef Mickeys - be sure to grab and ADR :happy:


Another vote for Chef Mickey’s. It’s one of must do’s every trip since my son was old enough to bring.


I’d recommend 'Ohana. Lilo and Stitch and Pluto are great and are very accesible to you and your kids.

I’d also like to sing the praises of the Crystal Palace, although the 11 year old might feel the Pooh characters are too babyish. Although they aren’t for me, and I’m 37. :laugh:

Chef Mickey’s is always a favorite, and I’m going to try Donald’s Breakfastosaurus for the first time next month.


Another push for Chef Mickey’s. Your kids (and you) will have lots of fun. We really enjoyed Breakfast with Lilo & Stitch and gang.


We like the Crystal Palace with WTP for Breakfast. My two boys always get enough to eat and love the food. (By the wat they are 12 & 16. We also liked Chef Mickeys at dinner again more than enough food for growing kids. The character interaction was good with both restaurants. We will be going to Ohanas this year to say hi to Lilo and Stitch!!


Chef Mickey’s is definitely the trademark kind of experience. Our must-do (and I have 3 boys - 7, 9, & 11 - and my 2-y-o dd) is still the breakfast in the Crystal Palace. It’s especially great for an early-morning breakfast. We love to go and take pictures on the empty street in front of the castle while we wait to be seated, which is especially nice because the park isn’t open to the general public yet. The food is buffet style and some things are made-to-order right there. The food is awesome and there’s no chance that anyone will leave feeling hungry! If your boys would prefer not to do the Pooh characters, though, Breakfastasaurus in Animal Kingdom is a really fun (and also quite filling) alternative. We went to the Polynesian luau before it was a Lilo/Stitch thing and absolutely loved it, too. I’ve also heard good things about the Garden Grill in Epcot.


I would say Chef Mickey’s or the Crystal Palace in the MK especially if they like Pooh. The food IMO is better at the Crystal Palace than Chef Mickey’s, but the atmosphere at Chef Mickey’s is wonderful and festive.