Which character meal for 2 boys at DLR?


My sons will be 2(almost 3) and 5 when we visit DL in September.
We are also going with 3 of their girl cousins; ages 8, 11 and 13.

I don’t want to find out that my kids are terrified of the characters after spending $80 for breakfast.
With that in mind, which character meal is best?
I am also trying not to waste any precious EE time at a character meal.
Maybe eat a light breakfast in our room and have a late brunch?
How late do they serve breakfast?

A friend suggested doing the Princess character meal because they are face characters and not as threatening.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


We did two character meals on our last trip with my fiances six year old son. The first was the Princess dinner at Ariel’s Grotto. I made the reservations thinking he would think nothing of the Princesses. He loved it. :wub: He was ready to marry Jasmine by the end. The princesses do a fantastic job of interacting with boys as well as girls. The examined his pin collection (Mulan warned him that Jasmine wouldn’t like his Jafar pins), Ariel taught him to bow like a gentleman and then Jasmine refused to go near him until he took off his lanyard (the Jafar pins…he loved them).

We also did the Lilo and Stitch breakfast at PPH. If your kids like Lilo and Stitch it is guaranteed to be a hit. Not only did we meet Lilo and Stich, but Minnie, Daisy, Max (Goofy’s son) and Goofy. It was a blast! It was a buffet (we hardly ate anything), but Stich made all the money worth it. He came by our table twice and gave me kisses. I so :heart: Stich, he is my favorite!

But if you are unsure, you could always make a priority seating reservation for both and then judge the reactions they have to the characters in the park and then cancel one. Good luck!


When i was there in june we did Ariels grotto and goofy’s kitchen. They were both AMAZING!! I really like both but the character interaction at ariels was better. Probably because they weren’t in those big costumes and could talk. The princesses stayed at the table for about 5 minutes. It was really cute


My 10 year old has been going to Storytellers since 2003 and loves it. I love Storytellers as well and Goofy’s kitchen.


we did GK with my ds (10), dd(4), dsister(16) and dbrother(14) and they all LOVED it, they can’t wait to go again on our next trip in October, but we are going to try the princess meal with my dd too, sound like it’s a winner! Thanks guys for all the help!


I never thought of that, but it makes lots of sense.


I’ll be honest, I REALLY liked Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel. Yes, Ariel’s Grotto was awesome but the princesses spend a lot of time at your table and get kinda up close. At goofy’s kitchen I noticed they were a little more cautious and some stayed at a distance in part of the room letting kids come to THEM if they wanted. The food at Goofy’s Kitchen was great too, DEFINATELY a lot better quality than MANY other Disney buffets I’ve been too. That would be my vote!

Then again, you DO get a big plate of cotton candy at the end of your meal at Ariel’s Grotto!! hehe!

I should also mention the breakfast at Storyteller’s Cafe was great too and there were only 3 characters that came, so it wasn’t as frequent but you still for to see them.


Goofy’s Kitchen over Storyteller’s by two lengths. Ariel’s menu didn’t float my boat.
The Lilo and Stich meal at the Paradise Pier wasn’t bad for a boy.


The character breakfast at the Plaza, just off of main street, has always been excellent. The character variety is fantastic and the interaction great. The food is good too!


You could ask your sons.

They might be good with it.

Goofy’s Kitchen is probably the best one around.

I’m actually gonna try that or see if we get lucky with the Princesses…