Which Counter Service in WDW


You all have been so wonderful advising on ever aspect of WDW.

Now I have a question to ask…

What are the BEST counter services meals in all four parks…

Also, I feel I should cancel my ADR’s to the Corel Reef…



I’ll be happy to put my 2 cents in. Even though I may like more than one at each park, I’ll list just one each, my absolute favorites.

MK - Pinocchio’s Village Haus

Epcot - tough decision because the choices are so diverse by nature, being that it is the World Showcase. But forced to pick one, I’d go with Tangierine Cafe.

Studios - I like Hollywood and Vine, although it’s a buffett and not a counter service per se.

DAK - Close call, but I’d have to choose Tusker House


I do appreciate your 2cents… Thanks so much.
We are doing Diner @ Hollywood & Vine… Is there somewhere else?


I like Columbia Harbour House in the MK.

Don’t know about the rest.


There aren’t a lot of choices at the Studios for quick service dining. There is the ABC Commisary which features a kind of diverse selection. A lot of DCers were just there this past Saturday, so they might be able to give you some reviews.

If you like pizza, there is always Toy Story Pizza Planet. The pizza isn’t as good as that which you’d find in New York or Italy, but by Disney standards, it isn’t too bad. :tongue:

Let me clarify my last statement “by Disney standards”. I think the dining choices at WDW are excellent, and food quality is good, but pizza is definitely not their strong suit.


MK - Casey’s and Pecos Bill’s.
AK - Flame Tree BBQ
MGM - Backlot Express and Flatbread Grill
Epcot - Sunshine Seasons in The Land


MK - Pecos Bill - they have a YUMMY toppings bar
Epcot - Sunshine Seasons is EXCELLENT - the best counter service on-site in my opinion
AK - Tusker House
MGM - not sure, but not the Commisary


here are my pics

MK Peco bills or columbia house
Ak - Flame tree or pizzasafari ( havent tried tusker house
MGM backlot express
Epcot Sunshine seasons , Fish and chip company ( england lotus tree cafe ( china ) or the cantina in Mexico
DTD Earl of sandwhich


WOW… thanks everyone… keep them coming… I am making a list trust me.


WHERE IS THE FLATBREAD GRILL!?!?? I looked and looked and Erin can’t find it on the map or in the park. Am I dreaming :huh:

MK - Peco’s Bills. Yum!

MGM - I bet it would be Flatbread grill, but it only appears to the Chosen Ones, so good luck.

AK - TUSKER HOUSE! I feel strongly about this. Trust me. Go there. You won’t regret it.

EPCOT - I’ve never done a CS here, but Electric Umbrella LOOKS cool.


The Flatbread Grill used to called the Studio Catering Co. It’s right by the Honey I shrunk the Kids Playground I love the food there it has a mediterranean inspired menu


Thanks!! I looked right at the Studio Catering Co. On the map!!

It’s like a big outdoor place, right???


It’s outdoor’s, but I don’t think it’s that big. The menu has changed since it became Flatbread Grill though, it was much better before IMHO.


AK - TUSKER HOUSE! I feel strongly about this. Trust me. Go there. You won’t regret it.




Magic Kingdom - Columbia Harbour House if you want anything except a burger. If you do want a burger - Pecos Bill’s. For a hotdog - Casey’s

Epcot - gotta go with The Land Food Court - definitely several notches above “fast-food” - or The Fish 'n Chip Stand in UK

MGM - The Commissary isn’t bad. I’ve never tried Backlot Express - it’s always closed when we’re there.

AK - As Erin said - TUSKER HOUSE! (I feel strongly about this too)

DTD - EARL OF SANDWICH!!! (I feel even stronger about this)


MK - Pecos Bills
MGM - The Commissary
Epcot - New fav - Loyus Blossum in China
AK - Flame Tree

DTD - Earl of Sandwich - the best counter meal in the WORLD!!!


The correct answer to “best Counter Service” is ALWAYS Morocco’s Tangierine Cafe in Morocco! Order the Combination Shwarma Platter!

(Why don’t I have this on a macro? :laugh:)

I haven’t found another CS that I love enough to enthusiastically recommend.


MK - Hot Dog - Caseys
Hamburger - Pecos Bills
Otherwise - Columbia House

AK - Tusker House!

MGM - Rosies and ABC is all I have tried - both were good.

EPCOT - Tangerine Cafe! A MUST!
Harry’s Fish & Chips are good too!

DTD - Earl Of Sandwich.