Which Date - Need your Advice


Which week do you feel is better to go to WDW:

2nd week of June
3rd week of August

I keep going back and forth switching the dates, and DH is giving me no answers, so I figured I check with the experts.



My vote would be August; crowd level MIGHT be lower with kids getting ready to go back to school.


I agree. Kids in the south get out of school a lot earlier than ours do in the northeast, so they’ll surely be in the parks by the second week of June. The third week of August will be beastly hot, but probably less crowded.


AUGUST absolutly , i went that time in 2005 and i walked on every ride, didnt even use a fast pass once!


I am going to vote for June…have you been in the south during the summer?..June is MUCH cooler and August is the hottest month of them all…We went last year in early June and it wasn’t bad but it was starting to get crowded when we were leaving…August will be just as bad because even though southern schools have started Northern schools haven’t


True but crouds are worser in juse, so you must choose between crouds or weather


August will be UNGODLY hot unless you are used the the high temps and 120% humidity. They don’t call them the Dog Days of Summer for no reason!

Pick your poison. Will be crowded either time, but you’ve got a shot at some nicer days temp wise in June. Many areas don’t get out of school until mid June.


I choose August because of the crowd level, most families will be thinking back to school. Either way it will be hot but I’d rather be hot in a short line than be hot in a long one. Waiting 45 minutes for the Dumbo ride in the heat can push the patience of anyone.


For years we went the last week of August and I think that’s a great time to go - especially if you can wiggle your way into the first week of Sept. (Labour Day, excluded). Yes, it’s hot - but in a choice of hot or crowds, I’d take the hot.


Do you want to be hot and less crowds or more crowds and not so hot!? LOL! I went in August one year and I vowed to never do it again because it was unGODly hot! :eek: . My vote would be for June!


You can use this link to check out crown level predictions.


It looks like it would only be slightly less busy in August and those levels are not an exact science.

I would go with June because it is closer! :mickey:


I’d go in June for several reasons. One is that the weather is nicer in June than in August. Second, August is in the heart of the hurricane season. Finally, the second week of June is when a lot of schools get out for the summer, so lines might be more managable. The ultimate choice is up to you, of course, but June seems like the better option :mickey:


June, for the same reasons coasterman2002 listed.


I DEFINITELY vote June. I have been in both June and August and I will NEVER go back in August! It was sooooo hot (unbearably) and it rained every single day of our trip (just our luck!) :noo: . While we were at MK, it was pouring terribly and the monorail broke down. The only way to get out of there was the boat!!! And you can imagine the lines! :huh: June was hot, but NOWHERE near as hot as August. And for some reason, we had MORE lines in August then June. We went June 2002 and August 2003.


Yeah I gotta go for June. Much Cooler!!!


Ugh…I forgot about the rain-everyday at about 3 pm or so…add that reason to my list in my previous post as a reason to go in June. Plus, June is closer! :wink:


I’ll be there the 2nd week of June. I know it will be hot and crowded but that is when we have to go. I am from the south and you couldn’t PAY me to go anywhere in August… low crowds or not.

We just built in a midday break almost everyday to swim at the pool or rest in our room. Each trip, we also choose a nice sitdown meal each day so that we can eat, recharge and enjoy some Air conditioning.


That’s an easy one for me. Forget June, it’s WAY too crowded. August is much less crowded, you’ll still get the long hours with 2 Spectromagic showings a night, but the lines will be much smaller. The heat is not a factor. I mean, really, when it’s 90 or 95% humidity, you will never no the difference between 95 or 100 degrees. Hot is hot. I always freeze a few water bottles the night before and pack them in a small cooler. You can pull them out during the day, drink what’s melted and then go to a water fountain and refill water over the remaining ice in the bottle. When I get really hot I just fill up a cup or bottle at the fountain and just pour it over my head. Instant AC…HA! Trust me…you may be disturbed by the heat, but you will be even more disturbed if you’re hot AND you have to wait in CRAZY LONG lines.


That is real toss up. Crowds will probably be lower in August, but Orlando is SOOOOOOOOOO hot in August. Can you go in September?