Which day for MNSSHP?


Sorry if that is not the correct acronym for the Halloween Party :blush:
My choices for the party while we are there in Oct. are a Sunday, Thursday or Friday. My guess is that Thursday would be the least crowded - what do you think?


did they release the dates yet? I called yesterday and they said the wont be released until April. we are there September?


Well… I saw the dates on another chat board and, at least for the week that we are there, they are the dates that Touringplans.com has posted. So, I don’t know!! I search the WDW site and couldn’t find any date information. I need to make my ADRs in a couple of weeks so I hope I find out positively soon!!!
Does anyone else have any information?


I would pick Thursday because it will be less crowded.


Thanks! I thought it would be, but wanted to be sure.


I think we are there the same week as you…Oct 1st - 8th, right? Now atleast I have some kind of dates to go by, I’ve been waiting for them to post dates for the party too. :slight_smile:


We are there that week! I don’t know if you can completely trust those dates!?! I am going to plan to attend the party on the 6th since that is the info that I have.


Yeah, if those are true dates, then I’m thinking that would be the best one for us to go to also. Probably be the least crowded, compared to a sunday and Friday party.


I wish they would announce the dates. We are going the last two weeks in September and I am going to need to make my ADR soon. We want to go to the Luna and I don’t want to pay for that and then find out that the MNSHP is the same night. I don’t know how many dates they have in September. I looked at the Calendar for MK in Sept and thinking that the nights they close at 7pm would be the same nights that they would have the party…What do you guys think?


Seems like it took forever to post dates the last time we went (maybe that’s just my ADD planning though)!

I am still on the fence about going this year - the 1st time we went it was fabulous! the next time it wasn’t as great - not sure if it was just us, or what…but now i’m not sure about spending the extra $ to go this trip. I want a guarantee that it’ll be fabulous again! :ph34r:

I would suggest a weeknight, but if it’s the thursday before the Columbus Day holiday will that make a difference crown level wise? Have you looked at crowd level predictors? The Sunday may not be bad…


Emamasa, that is the week before Columbus Day. According to Touringplans Sunday the 2nd is rated as 3 for crowd level and Thursday & Friday are 4’s. Sunday & Friday MK is rated as a “best park”. AAAHHH now I am really confused!!! I wanted to save the
Party for later in the week, Sunday would be our 1st full day. What to do - what to do LOL! Has anyone been to the party when it is crowded/not crowded and can share their experiences?


4’s are still great! the 1st year was pretty low crowds, 2nd year was much, much more crowded, which may be part of why we didn’t enjoy it as much?

I’m sure more knowledgeable fans than me will have great advice! have fun!!


Thursdays can go either way but probably your best option. I wouldn’t go on a Friday. I might consider a Sunday in early/mid October. If I had a say, I’d try for a Monday or Tuesday.
But also keep in mind that they cap attendance at something like 25,000 and capacity is upwards of 80,000.
The lines on rides aren’t bad, for the most part (I can’t think of a time that Peter Pan has been a walk on) and there are something like 10 trick or treat stations to visit, and you can go around the lines and repeat so you can really stock up on cavity creators.
It’s all pretty compressed with only an official 5 hour time period (which is partly why they allow guests with tickets to enter the park as early as 4 PM) that has 2 parades, a fireworks show, several castle shows, and all sorts of meet and greets and dance parties.


We went on a Thursday in mid-Oct. 2010…

We found the crowds to be very manageable. Crowded, but not horrible. Weather was fantastic, was a wonderful experience. Might be going again this October.


We went on a Friday in Sept 2009 since it worked best with the rest of our itinerary. It wasn’t crowded at all but there were more people than I thought there’d be. The night absolutely flew by and I don’t feel like we got to do as much as I wanted as far as taking advantage of attractions. We did a character M&G with Snow White and ALL 7 Dwarfs and of course watched the Villain castle show, Boo to You, and HalloWishes. We did a few attractions and got a little candy (not important to us as DD was only 11mo) and by then it was midnight and we were cooked, done.

I’d probably try the Sunday night since so many people leave or arrive on this day and I know I wouldn’t make MNSSHP what we’d do on our arrival day! You might find it dead (no pun intended).


This past Halloween, we were there on a (rainy) Thursday in September and then again on Friday, Oct. 22nd. While the park was empty when I went in September, it wasn’t bad at all the week before Halloween weekend, if you plan it right.

On Oct. 22, we planned on only doing party activities and skipping rides (expect for HM) and were were able to hit all the trick or treat spots, make all the special meet and greets, spend lots of time at the dance parties, see the parade, the fireworks and soak up everything that night.

We arrived just at 4pm when we could enter with our hard tickets, got our wristbands and took lots of pictures. We lined up at about 6:30 pm to see the 7 dwarfs (and were the 3rd family in line) and we choose to wait until after midnight to enjoy main street and take more photos.

Just to let you know, my children, along with many other children in the area have several days off in October and a lot of local people attend MNSSHP. I recall there were 2 Thursday nights in Oct. 2010 that were sold out. The friday night we attended in Oct. was not sold out.


That was my first thought when I looked at the calendar.:blush: