Which Day Is Best?


I have a question for you…! If you could choose one day to attend the parks (anyone you prefer)…would you pick a Monday or a Friday???

Here is my dillema…I am trying to decide what day to begin & end our vacation. I can either fly in on a Sunday (instead of Monday) and have an extra Monday…or fly out on a Saturday (instead of Friday) and have an extra Friday (staying two weeks). What would you do if you were me?? :huh:



Tough one. I would have to see which weekends you were talking about. Are these close to a holiday or peak season?


We love to go during the week. It helps to avoid daytrippers so the parks aren’t as busy !


It all depends on how long we are staying. Generally we fly in any day of the week but try to come home on a Friday night so we have the weekend to get settled at home and rest a day or two before returning to work. I think a Friday or a Monday will be about the same crowd wise, as they are great days for a long weekend whichever someone may choose. Good luck! :mickey:


Sorry!! I should have put the dates on my initial post!! We are going the first two weeks of May and will either fly in on April 30 and leave on May 12th or fly in on May 1 and leave on May 13th! What do u guys think???


Well with that time frame you are hit or miss. I would go for the extra monday, just becuase kids are less likely to skip/parents pull them out on a Monday as opposed to a Friday.


We’ll be there at the same time. I will probably fly down on Thursday, May 4th. We’ll probably hang out somewhere during the day, have a nice dinner then grab a inexpensive hotel room for one night and then check in at our resort on Friday, May 5th. I generally base my departure day on the cheapest airfare I can find. Sometimes its much cheaper to leave during a weekday.

If you’re concerned about crowd levels I would fly on a Sunday, the crowds are generally lower during the week. Last May we were really happy with the crowd levels.


Thanks for all of the great information! As it turned out, I ended up having to schedule my vacation to fly in on the Monday, May 1st and fly out on Saturday, May 13th (b/c of my work!). I checked the crowd levels for those two dates and they are showing a 7 for May 1st and a 6 for May 12th so…hopefully it won’t end up being too bad. My daughter loves MK the best anyway and I know that we couldnt go there on a Monday…it seems to ALWAYS be bad on every Monday I have been!! SOOOO…maybe it won’t be too bad on that Friday. Keep your fingers crossed for me & throw in a little pixie dust too if you don’t mind!! Like you said it is hit or miss for then anway! Thanks again for all of your help & information!! I do appreciate it much! :happy:


Your very welcome, but it really didnt matter anyway which day you chose. You will still be at the most magical place on earth.


I don’t think it matters which day, UNLESS you want to do MK and one of those is an EMH day. I would skip MK on an EMH day.


I would choose an extra monday so it’s less busy. Unless there are shows that only run of fridays that you want to see…maybe just whichever option is less money then :tongue:


I think Fri gets worse as more people arrive for weekend and Monday gets slacker as people leave.

Nothing to back it up just my opinion - and you know what they say about opinions… :biggrin:


MOnday sounds better to me… who really knows, week to week, but if I were a betting gal, I would choose the Monday.