Which day of week for each park?


We will be at the parks at WDW beginning Monday, August 14 through Thursday, August 17 (4 days at the parks).

We’ve always heard it is best to go to MK on Tuesday (which we have in the past and it worked out great.) We also heard to aviod MK on Monday, but “TouringPlans” has both Monday and Tuesday listed as recommended for MK, but avoiding the other 3 parks on both Monday and Tuesday. Which other park besides MK should we attend on Monday (I want to do MK on Tuesday).

Heres what “TouringPlans” recommends each day:

Mon, 14 Aug / Best Park = MK / Parks to Aviod = EP DS AK
Tue, 15 Aug / Best Park = MK / Parks to Aviod = EP DS AK
Wed, 16 Aug / Best Park = DS / Parks to Aviod = AK
Thu, 17 Aug / Best Park = EP AK / Parks to Aviod = MK

I’m thinking MK on Tuesday and MGM Disney Studios on Wednesday. But I’m not sure about the other two days.

Two years ago, we only went for 3 days (our son was only 2). We did the following:
Monday: AK (morning), DS/MGM (rest of the day)
Tuesday: MK
Wednesday: MK (until 4:00 pm) , EP (rest of day)

Last year, we just did one day at MK on a Tuesday. But we got through the park in one day because the crowd was about half compared to the previous year. The only difference was one week later in August when Florida schools are in session.

This year, we are traveling with my brother-in-law’s family (two girls, 9 & 15…our son is 4). We plan on splitting up some of the time, but want to stay within the same parks. We will have parkhopper on our tickets.

Any suggestions for Monday and Thursday? (or Tuesday and Wednesday?) I’ve heard the EP is good at handling larger crowds, but I’d hate to do EP the first day (this will be the other family’s first visit to WDW). Would AK be okay to do on Monday if we got there right when it opened? Then do EP on Thursday?

As I’m writing this, I’m forming a tentative plan. I guess I’m thinking about the following:

Monday = AK (maybe some of the evening at MK)
Tuesday = MK
Wednesday = DS
Thursday = EP

I just want their first visit to WDW to be as nice as it can be.

I appreciate any input. :pirate:


going to MK on monday is chaos because that’s when a lot of family’s go. they come in on the weekends and go to MK first. i think MK on tuesday is good because the crowds are smaller. try going to AK on Monday instead, just like you have in your tentative plans. i do think your plans work out nicely. just avoid going to MK on a monday and you’ll be set.


I usually try to go to the park that had evening EMH the night before. A lot of the on site guests were at that park the night before and won’t return to it the following morning.

Two years ago we were at MK on a Saturday in July (about the 10th) and the park was so empty. Most rides we nearly walk ons, I think the longest wait was maybe 20 minutes. We’ve never seen that in July–ever. I’m sure we couldn’t do that again if we planned and planned. Just a strange day and everyone went to other parks.


I would trust touringplans.com pretty well, even the MK call. They not only make the predictions, they run statistics on how well they predicted crowd levels and they have been very close. Just remember their predictions are based on the EMH’s as well as history, so watch for last minute EMH changes or special events that could impact a park.

Any park that that has early-entry will be full all day!


Some of this is a personal choice. For me the trip begins at the MK.


Disney Teacher” -
That’s a great suggestion! I’ve never thought about that before. In fact, the correlates perfectly to the “TouringPlans” suggested “Best Parks”. That is probably why they recommend MK on that Monday, since the is an EMH on Sunday.

That also might be part of the reason they suggest AK on Aug 17 (Thursday), since there is an EMH on Aug 16 (Wednesday).

Maybe I should do AK on Thrusday, Aug. 17. I just hate doing EP on Monday, but maybe that would be best? Or am I just putting too much thought into this?

Boss Mouse” - I agree with you, but I want their first day at MK to be a pleasant experience.

gingles” - I’m trusting them, but they say to aviod EP, DS, & AK on Monday AND Tuesday. But I want to attend either EP or AK on Monday. (I don’t want to do MK for two whole days).

tragic312” - Thanks!

I appreciate everyone’s help!!


Upon Disney Teacher’s suggestion about EMH, I began looking at them. There is are Morning EMH on that Monday, Aug. 14 for AK. So maybe I should avoid going to AK on Monday and just do EP? I’ve read that EP is best at handling large crowds anyways.


I would avoid any park with EMH. OR go to EMH, but spend the rest of the day at another park.

In either case, you busiest park will be your EMH park, UNLESS it’s a Saturday (MK is always the busiest Saturday park).


Hey, I said trust them but it’s YOUR vacation! You do what your head and your heart says…and have a great trip!


My Uncle is retired from MK(drove the train) he has always told me to avoid the MK on Monday and that Tuesday is the best day for MK


Boss, I’m with you. I need to get my first glimpse of Main Street to really be in WDW.

On the other hand, I almost always go to the parks that have evening EMH, because we never get up for the morning hours. That being said, I’ve only ever been there during a slow season/value time.


I trusted them in the past with good results.

My point was that they were giving no alternatives to MK on Monday and Tuesday. And I don’t want to do MK for two whole days.

I do not want to do MK on Monday, but they are telling me to stay away from the other 3 parks…:frown:


See, this is how I feel. To heck with the crowds, I get to the parks when they open, anyway, and hit the rides I like the most first. For example, at MK, we walk in at opening and head right to POTC and then to the Haunted House. Yes, most head to Space Mountain first but that’s not my favorite, the other two are. I can’t even remember the last time I road SM because it didn’t do much for me. I want coasters, I go to Universal.


When we plan, we start with Unofficial Guide and touringplans.com, but we always have personal preferences and logistics that make us deviate a little. It’ just a guide to start you off and keep you out of crowd trouble. We never follow it exactly.

Having said that, it’s strange that it recommend against three parks in one day…I’ve never seen that.

BTW, the old wisdom was never do MK on Monday. The EMH’s have made that less of a good rule of thumb.

Whatever you do, you’re going to have a blast!!!


I will go to any park on any day, which is much better than not being there at all! :smile: :laugh:


I’ll have to tell you that I don’t feel the same. The first week of August '04 we went for 3 days. I thought it was crowded, buy felt it went well overall. I read some of the books, and received a lot of hints here on the forum. I believe all the hints and suggestions made for a good trip. My wife was very impressed with my planning.

Last summer ('05), we used our last remaining day of our 4 day park hopper tickets at MK. I couldn’t believe the difference! The crowds were half as large as the previous year. We went to MK on a Tuesday, the same day of the week as the previous year. The only difference was that we went the 2nd week of August, instead of the first. We were told that Florida and Georgia schools were in session that 2nd week of August.

It made such a huge difference that I told my wife that I would never go to WDW again prior to Florida schools being in session. We are both teachers in Ohio, but thankfully our district doesn’t start that early.

To hrbib21: I agree about the coasters. But if you like coasters, come up to the #1 roller coaster park in the world…Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.
I think the smaller coasters at Disney are a good way to introduce kids to coaster riding.


I do appreciate everyone’s input and suggestions.

But could you give me a direct response to this:

Based on TouringPlans suggested days, do you suggest we do EP or AK on Monday? (There is EMH in the morning at AK on Monday)



On Friday June 16 we hopped over to MK around 8pm (it was EMH that night) and boy was it packed! We did get to walk right on a few rides while everyone else was on Main Street for SpectroMagic parade and Wishes. We had to get out of there a little after 10pm because it was way too crowded.

Decided to go back to MK on Saturday morning for opening. That was a wise choice because we went on so many rides, many with no wait, in a matter of 3-4 hours. I would think Sat morning is slow at MK because that’s a travel day for most people.

Last year we went to MK on a Sunday, and it was really packed by 11am with tremendous wait times.

Good luck with your planning!


First, I try to watch the time of the year and what is going on. I worry more about the heat and humidty and staying away from spring break and summer vacations when the crowd levels are at the highest. When it comes down to the days of the week and which parks I decide by several things. I always plan two days at MK but not back to back days and I look at our dining and when and where I can get our ADR’s. I plan our day in the park by what is going to be the busyiest too. At the MK we always get a early breakfast in the park and then go right to Fantastyland before it gets busy and then we have the rest of the day to do everything else.

But a busy day at Disney is better than any day at home! :smile: :mickey:


last year we had the same idea- when a park had evening EMH we went to that park the next morning because we figured everyone was there the night before!!