Which day to go to MNSSHP


I have wanted to go to this party so so many years and I have finally booked a surprise trip for my kids. :mickey: My question is which day to go to the party? My options are 10/30 and 10/31.

Will it be too crowded on 10/31? That is the day I really want to go!



You’ll always be better with a Thursday over a Friday. You wouldn’t notice any difference in atmosphere between the actual Halloween night and any other night. But if you add up Halloween being on a Friday night, I’d guess the crowd will be much denser on the 31st, although, they cap ticket sales at 30,000 for all party nights.


If you REALLY want to be there on actual Halloween I say go for it. Although, it is a Friday night too, on top of it being actual Halloween night. Just be prepared to deal with A LOT of local teenager/20-something/college kids. It will be busy and possibly semi-rowdy. The 30th is a Thursday night and it might possibly be less crowded then.


Soundgod, you don’t think a lot of local kids fill the park for that party on actual Halloween? I know when I went to university in Florida they actually had organized college groups of kids going to the party on a group bus. :laugh: (Universal too)


One thing to consider is that much of the local old teen/young adult crowd will be drawn to both Universal and Busch Gardens because those are the genuinely creepy, scary events while MNSSHP is very tame in comparison. On the other hand, many local families will be at the MK for their Halloween Party.


If you really want to go on the 31st go then. It will be more crowded but you will still have a good time.


We posted past each other, so I missed this. Different groups will seek different experiences. I don’t doubt plenty of college kids will be in the MK on Halloween, I just think that more will be drawn to the more extreme events. The main thing to keep in mind is the 30,000 ticket attendance cap for MK versus New Year’s Eve or Christmas when general admission is capped at 75,000-80,000.
Against those kinds of numbers, the park is only about 1/3-3/8 full, which is much much better, especially later in the night, after fireworks and the second parade.


You might want to buy them now if you want to go on the 31st. Last year the 31st was sold out before the middle of Oct. if I remember correct.


Yeah, I am getting ready to buy soon.

Has anyone actually been on Halloween?

Thanks for all the replies.


[QUOTE=disneymom;867441]Yeah, I am getting ready to buy soon.

Has anyone actually been on Halloween?

Thanks for all the replies.[/QUOTE]

Yup! 2004, 2005 and this year 2008! :happy:

I love going Halloween, nite, just adds to the excitement in my own personal opinion.
They are pre set amount of tickets for every nite of the MNSSHP.
Oct 31st sells out soon, then Oct. 30th so it won’t be any difference one day to the next. Once the tickets sell out though, you are out of luck. First year we went in 2004, they were sold out when I went to buy them, I did a google search and I was led here and found a member selling hers and the rest is history! :happy:

It’s not THAT crowded, but however, if you are looking for “empty” then don’t go either the 30th or 31st.
Just know when to hit certain attractions.
Do the 2nd parade instead of the first.
Watch out for the Headless Horseman though, you dont want to miss him! :cool: He starts the parade!!!
Watch the parade where it starts in FL, then when it’s finished hit some more rides while the others are still watching the parade down by main st.
Get there early!!!

We’ve been there to about midnite and got to do everything but if you are really thinking about Halloween nite you need to call and find out if any tickets are left!!!

Good Luck and Have fun!!! :happy:


I have been there on both nights and they are both sold out and equally crowded so do the one you want.


I didnt see any young teen crowds in 2004 or 2005. Just families! :happy:

The teens go to Universal for their crazy Halloween bash!!! :wacko:


Thank you all so much for your replies.

I think I will try on halloween night!


I think they would be equally crowded, probably sell out both nights. So you might as well go for the actual night. That would be really cool. But I agree, make up your mind and get your tickets early.


We’ll be there on Sunday the 26th of Oct.


I bought my tickets for Halloween night! This is a surprise for my kids so they will be so excited for this! Thank you all for the help!


Very cool!!!
hope to see ya there! :cool::happy:


Good choice!! Hope you have a wonderful time!!!


Anyone have any guesses on when Tuesday 10/28 might sell out? I really want to go, but NOT in the pouring rain (everyone looked so miserable when I saw them…as I was going on the nice dry monorail to dinner instead!). I’d love to buy them 5-7 days beforehand…so I can at least get an idea of the weather. Too risky to wait?