Which deluxe hotel is decorated the nicest for Christmas


Which deluxe hotel is decorated the nicest for Christmas.

I like the Grand Floridian.


I like the Grand Floridian.

Sorry for the double post.


Hard choice…I like the GF for the Gingerbreadhouse. I like the overall look of the WL.


I couldn’t pick just one either. But the GF is pretty high up on the list.


The lobby of the Boardwalk Inn is at the top of my list.


Boy, that’s tough. I’d have to vote for the GF although I haven’t seen the WL yet (on this years list of things to do!!)


Haven’t seen all of them yet.
Last year, the Contemporary was a bust.
The Poly didn’t have much.
Yacht and Beach were nice.
Swan was cute, but needed more.
MIA, Grand Floridian, Boardwalk, WL, AKL, Dolphin.


I have to go with GF too.


I like GF and WL the best for their holiday displays. You can’t help but getting in the holiday spirit when you walk through the doors at the GF and smell the gingerbread!!


I have only seen pictures of the resort at xmas. My favorite from the pictures is the Wilderness Lodge. It just seems more “homey” to me and more like a decore I would pick.


GF for me because I love the gingerbread house!


And this from a confirmed AKL fan.:laugh:


Just got home, saw the decorations at many resorts and my vote DEFINATELY goes to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It looks GORGEOUS for the holidays. Saw the Grand Floridian too but for some reason it’s just never been my favorite. I’ll post lots of holiday pics in my TR.


I haven’t seen any but I will give my opinion after 12/7/07. We are going in 6 days and will see the Christmas decorations for the first time. I can’t tell you haw excited DH and I are. Since AKL is our favorite, I can only imagine that it will be high on our list. I can’t imagine that any of the Disney resorts are not decorated to the hilt so I am excited to see them all. I will have poor DH running around like a mad man to see them all. So much to do and see in the parks too.