Which Deluxe Resort


I have 547 points on the disney visa. We were thinking of applying them to the cost of a deluxe hotel for MGM Star Wars days (3 nights). I called today to get prices for Grand Floridian, Contemporary (Tower -MK view) and Polynesion. The prices were ridiculous but that is besides the point.

Is the view worth it???

I think the Grand is too formal for us honestly.

Which would you pick…and why?

Contemp Tower - MK view
Contemp Tower - Lake view
Poly - Garden view
Poly - Lagoon view

Wilderness Lodge
Woodview or courtyard


I think it might depend on the ages and tastes of the people you are going with. DS (11) liked the CR the best. I like the Poly the best. DH didn’t care one way or the other.


I would go to The Poly. That is where I am going to celebrate my 50th birthday for a week!!!


If I could upgrade our trip, I’d go with the Poly. Not that I have seen any of them, but it appeals to me the most :mickey:


I say go for the Wilderness Lodge.I like the outdoors woodsy feel.Maybe its the Paul Bunyon in me I don’t know.:laugh:


You forgot a Deluxe, AKL. That gets my vote. It’s the least expensive of the Deluxes. Although the only transportation is the bus, there is only one bus stop, and you don’t have to share with another resort. We’ve been there 3 times, and I don’t recall waiting more than 5 minutes for one.


I would have to go with WL, it’s the most affordable and it’s still close to MK.


If tou are going for Star Wars, don’t foreget the Y&B or BW. Both have easy access to MGM and Epcot, night life with ESPN on the BW, Jellyrolls. If you stay at the Y&B, you also have Storm-along Bay pool.


I would also go with the WL its my favorite Deluxe resort


If you are going for Star Wars Weekend, then I would definitely consider staying at either the Boardwalk or Yacht or Beach Club. They are closest to MGM. If I had to choose between the ones you listed, then I would probably choose Wilderness Lodge.


We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge in January and I am so excited. This is my first stay at a deluxe and WL was my choice.


My vote is the Polynesian, garden view. Beautiful resort, great beach with a view of the MK that can’t be beat. The rooms are large, big bathroom and ample closet and drawer space. The grounds are gorgeous. Plus the transortation makes it easy to commute to all parks.


Of the ones you listed the Poly is our favorite. But only becaue it is the only one we have stayed at. The monorail is a great asset, being close to MK is neat as well.

However as other have pointed out if you are a big Star Wars fan and plan to spend a lot of your time at MGM you might want to consider Y&BC or Boardwalk, both excellent resorts, with the Yacht Club being my personal favorite.

Enjoy, Harry


contemp - mk view. there is no better view in this world that opening your window and seeing the castle in MK lit up at night…


I am with you. Nothing against the GF because they did a great job on the resort and I have been over to that resort many times to walk around when staying at the Polynesian including a time I asked to see a room so I don’t think I have to have slept there to have an opinion on the resort and it was just a little to formal and frilly for me.

Someone else asked about the Polynesian and Contemporary and this is what I wrote.

I love the Polynesian but the Contemporary has always been of interest to me ever since I first when through it on the monorail. I will give you my opinion as if I were considering each one but I am not an expert of the Contemporary resort so hopefully someone who has stayed there can help also.

They both have the largest standard rooms on property and in many cases they are almost 100 sq-ft larger than other deluxe resort standard rooms. They have both just gone through having their rooms redesigned completely. They are also both on the monorail. Now the Contemporary has unique access to the MK by walking. Taking the monorail is the longest trip out of any of the monorail resorts since it has the most stops before the MK. The Polynesian is two stops away from the MK and also has a boat to the MK directly. The Polynesian also has unique access by walking to the Transportation and Ticket Center that you can get on the ferry to the MK (incase you want to roll a stroller or have a wheelchair) but it also means you can walk to the TTC and get right on the monorail to Epcot giving the Polynesian the quickest access to Epcot outside of the Epcot resorts themselves. My times trip from room to park was 13 minutes. The Contemporary you would have to board the resort monorail, go to the TTC, get off and switch over to the Epcot monorail.

Both resorts have rooms with views of the MK (and you pay for that) but some say the view from the Contemporary is better being so close). I actually prefer the view from the Polynesian but that is just me. Both have great food options but that is not much of a factor to me because I find it easy to get on the monorail and go to the GF and Contemporary to eat even when staying at the Polynesian. They share a bus so all you do is cut down on one stop at the Polynesian. The Contemporary will have a lower price so that may be a factor.

I think the beach area and pool is much better at the Polynesian but maybe not a big factor in February.

Hopefully that gives you a little to think about.

If you want to see more about the Polynesian you can go here. tikiman2001

With MGM being your target for the Star Wars stuff I would maybe go with the Polynesian for one small reason. Many times I enjoy taking the bus to MGM and than going from MGM to Epcot to get on the monorail home. It is a fun loop to do. Also it would sort of make sense to stay at a Boardwalk Epcot resort area but although it is closer to MGM, getting to the park is actually longer. The boat over to MGM takes almost twice the time that riding the bus from the Polynesian takes to get to MGM. While the boat is fun it became very annoying to me after a few days of not only waiting for the boat but how slow the boat goes. I guess I am just spoiled by the monorail and getting from the TTC to Epcot in 8 minutes.

Good luck with the choice and out of the selections you posted I think you will like any of them.




I honestly would chose the WL over the others. I, like you, found the other deluxes just a bit high for my taste. The polynesian was gorgeous, but hardly worth the price to me. I found their transportation to be horrible…the buses not the monorial. If you are going to spend a significant amount of time in MGM for the star wars weekend, you should go to the beach club or one of the deluxes that are close to MGM. The WL would be my first choice from you list and the Contemporary would be my second only because it shares buses with the polynesian making their transportation just as slow.