Which Deluxe Resort?


We are taking a 4 day-3 Night trip back to DW in August. We’re trying to decide on a resort to stay at. We’d like to do a deluxe this time. I have really been wanting to stay at the Polynesian. But we’re also looking at AKL(a Savannah room) and now I’m looking at the Yacht club. My fiance’s father is a cast member so we’re getting a discount. The Poly is more expensive than AKL by about $85 so no huge amount. Still waiting on the price for the Yacht club, I’d imagine it won’t be far off either. We have a 4 yr old little boy, and a little girl who will be 7 months old. I like the pool at the Yacht club for our son, and the animal view at AKL for him as well. But being a 4 day trip, we probably won’t spend that much time at whatever resort we do choose. And did I mention I reallyyy want to stay at the Poly lol? Can anyone who’s stayed at one or more of these resorts give me some pros and cons, and maybe a bit of advice on which one you’d choose? Thanks!


Well, with little ones the Poly is great because of the monorail!! And the TTC is right there as well. We loved the poly and the conveinence of the monorail!


OK. A lot of this boils down to personal preference.

Preference #1: Location, Location, Location

  • In my opinion, the Epcot resorts (YC/BC, BW) are the best located. They are walking distance to Epcot and DHS and only a monorail ride from MK.
  • I’ve never stayed at the Wilderness Lodge, but many LOVE it. It has a good location for a different reason, it’s hard to reach, so it’s “remote,” even though it’s right next to MK.

Preference #2: Food

  • Grand Floridian: Citricos and Narcoossee’s are the best that Disney has to offer along with California Grille across the lagoon at the Contemporary. Victoria and Albert’s is the most unique dining experience on property. Even without the food, GF is a GREAT resort.

Preference #3: Something unique

  • Polynesian: you either love it or hate it. I’ve never stayed there and have no interest. But many here will ONLY stay there. It has a distinctly island feel and it’s the home of Ohana, which is a fun place to eat with a great view of the fireworks, if you can get a good seating.
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge: get a room that overlooks the savannah and you might have a giraffe say good morning to you. It is the least convenient location of the Deluxes.

My personal favorite is GF, followed closely by the Beach Club (although I haven’t stayed there yet, I’ve only visited the lobby)

Here’s the best part: it’s hard to make a bad decision. :mickey:


depends on what you want to accomplish…staying at the original resorts GF,POL,you get the monorail to move around in the others although not so bad the buses and the great but time consuming boats


I recommend staying on the monorail loop. The monorail is so easy with strollers - just roll on/roll off. I think it’s worth the extra cash.

Personally, I’d rather spend extra money to stay at a monorail resort than to have a room with a view. And since you’ve already said you won’t be spending much time in the room, you might as well go for the resort with the best transportation. Go for the Yacht Club or AKL when you’ll have more time to enjoy the pool and special features of the resort.


i would go w/ the poly… you’ll have the ease and convenience of the monorail, the ohana character breakfast, and it’s also the resort that you have your heart set on :wub:


Poly, CR or GF only for the convienience of the monorail for the short trip. But like Merin Matt said, you cannot make a bad decision. Have fun planning.


I would go with the Poly, especially if your focus is going to be MK. The convenience of the monorail and TTC will be a blessing for getting around the resort easily with children. Plus Ohana is great for family dining. While the Yacht Club has Stormalong Bay, the volcano pool doesn’t exactly suck.


AKL is my vote. There is nothing like watching your child get out of their bunkbed and head straight to the balcony to see the animals in the morning. Although it is farther out than many of the other resorts, there is only one bus stop, so you are on your way quickly. I like being a little out of the loop because after a very busy day at the parks, it’s nice to go somewhere peaceful and tranquil. I understand that they do have a lot of kid activities also, although my have never used them. People have spoken very highly of the amount of activities they have offered.


I would definately go for the AKL…the little ones (and you two) will LOVE having those animals right outside your door. I can’t tell you how cool it is to sit out there after a night at the parks and just relax and watch them…that is my favorite deluxe even over the poly.


The Poly gets my vote! It an incredible resort and when you have small kids the monorail makes it super duper easy to get in and out of parks, especially MK.


I agree with Dana, and it doesn’t share a bus system with another hotel which is NICE! IMHO, if you are staying at the GF…you shouldn’t have to share a bus system with Wilderness Lodge:ohmy:


I think I would go for the Poly too! The monorail is a perk you just can’t compete with!


It has been a while since we stayed at POLY but with young children, the monorail to Magic Kingdom is a perk. Plus, you can see the fireworks from the beach.

We stayed at the Beach Club resort this past winter and LOVED it. Pool was great (even though parts were under construction) and the atmosphere was great. There is a goofy character breakfast buffet right there.

Here’s my thought on the Yacht Club resort - which we went to first by accident - it seemed more “stuffy”, more adults, all very dressed up, when we arrived, no kids running around. May have been a special event going on, not sure. The Beach Club was relaxed, with kids running around in the lobby, which made it much better for us (since we too have kids that run around in the lobby :laugh:).

The walk to EPCOT is wonderful. But, not sure how much time you will spend there with your short trip and young family.

Can’t really go wrong with whatever you choose, they are all great, but preference would be either POLY or BEACH.


Thanks for the input everyone! Although the monorail and proximity is a big plus, I think we’re going to hold off on the Poly. We’re either going to do AKL or, because this is only a 4 days trip and we won’t spend much room at the resort anyway, Caribbean Beach(just because we can get a decent price, and that means more $$ to spend in the parks). As much as I’d love to do the Poly, what we’ve decided to do is to take a little mini Honeymoon there next August, as we’re getting married on a cruise. So after the cruise we’re going to take a couple of days there, without kids or anything. Again, thanks for the input!


The Poly has a gorgeous lobby and grounds. Just beware that you have to go outside to get to your room and there are rain storms many of the afternoons in August–not much fun when getting back after a day in the parks with tired kids in tow. Also, the service isn’t as sharp or friendly as the other deluxe resorts.


You are going to have a great time, and no matter which of the resorts you choose, it is going to be so much fun.

My favorite deluxe is Poly with Beach Club at a close second. However, if you are conisdering Caribbean Beach, be sure to book a Pirate Room. Your son is at a perfect age and will absolutely love the rooms!!:pirate:


Love the CBR, can’t go wrong - enjoy!


The GF shares a bus system with the WL??? :blink: We were there last June/July, and all of our buses went directly to the parks or to the resort. I don’t recall it being GF/WL at any of the bus stops.

Then again, the summer is rather busy. It seems like buses seem to share with resorts mroe in the off-season.

However, we were there the week after Christmas in 2006, and the Boardwalk was sharing buses with the Swan/Dolphin and the Yacht/Beach Club! :pinch:


Ok, so it’s official, we booked at CB! I stressed so much over which deluxe and ended up at a moderate lol. I think we would have been more inclined to go deluxe if we were staying a week and had at least a day to relax and enjoy the pool or special views. And this means we can take the extra money we save and pump it into souvineers. I heart overpriced Disney souvineers.