Which Deluxe?


Which would you pick and why ??? Why is the one you picked better than the others?? If things work out we may choose one of these for 2 nights in August. I was leaning towards the Beach Resort but there are things I seem to like about the others as well. If we cant pull off the deluxe rates then we may stay at Riverside or POFQ…having second thoughts about the Coronado although I like that they have queen size beds.

Contemporary Gardenview- $535 AAA rate

Yacht/Beach Club (beach club side) - $640 AAA

Wilderness Lodge - standard room - $459 AAA

Animal Kingdom - standard room - $459 AAA


surely that is not for 1 night!!!


Those are the quotes for two nights…the passholder rates arent out yet for that weekend.


For me, it’s AKL - the animals. Even when I don’t stay there I spend at least part of day there just soaking up the atmosphere. The butternut squash soup is another reason I go/stay there - delicious!!:simba:


Rent points,it is cheaper,much cheaper.


Woohoo has points she is trying to rent out.


I’d go with the Wilderness Lodge. The low price is nice, and it has a boat to MK, verses AKL, which has only bus transportation.


Rent points from Woohoo and stay at AKV. Nothing like after a long day in the parks, enjoying watching the animals out on your balcony with a glass of wine in your hands.


I love the Wilderness Lodge for its theming, its relaxed atmosphere, its restaurants and proximity to Magic Kingdom Park. I also love being able to view the Water pageant winding down from a day in the parks, and the price is right for a deluxe. With just two nights/ three days, though, having the proximity to two parks that Yacht and Beach Club has, along with easy access to the Boardwalk, might sway me in that direction. It’s tough, though I would probably still go with WL.


i would rent points from whoohoo and stay AKV. You will have a nice suite and a washer and dryer.