Which did you find most useful in the heat?


I’ve seen recommendations for:

  1. cooling bandanas
  2. spray handheld fans
  3. misty mates
  4. mini fans

among others. I’m curious to find out what everyone has taken, what everyone has used, and what they prefer… I mean I don’t wanna have to go buy all of them! :smile:

PS: Yes we’re going to be bringing water bottles and sunscreen, as we ARE native Floridians (for the most part)… I’m not looking so much for tips on keeping cool as I am looking for feedback on the items mentioned…


baby wipes and misty mates


Hi Dementia! We love to go when it is HOT!!! The ways we keep cool are: wear sandals instead of sneakers, drink a lot of water, get wet in the fountains and take breaks in the shade. The best part of being at WDW in the warm months is that in the evening, you are running around wearing practically nothing, and it feels really vacation-y!
But the best protection is sunscreen… you actually DO feel cooler if you have it on. I don;t know why, but it works!


None of the above.
I just usually buy a $10 bottle of water they sell at the parks and keep refilling it.
I love the heat, it cant get too hot for me.


Water and lots of it…oh yeah and dress appropriately :mickey:


Water fans are great but no one wants to lug them around. We hit the parks early and as soon as we get too hot and cranky we head back to the resort for a swim/rest. Also, find air conditioned places like shows,etc. for a quick cool break.


We carry water fans with us and they are convenient to hang on our strollers. We also carry the insulated water bottles with us and fill them up at the baby care stations at every opportunity. Hey, I should put that as a tip for families with small children, they have the same water you buy in the parks in the baby care stations for free and don’t mind you filling up your bottles.


I love the heat!!
But for my kids they loves the mist spray fans.


Ha!! It sure FEELS like $10 a bottle, doesn’t it? :biggrin:


Actually, I hate to lug stuff around, too. Pete and I go through the “guests without bags” line whenever possible. So instead of carrying around anything with which to cool off, we just hop underneath the water fans they have stationed all over the park to cool off.

Ok, truth, PETE stands under them, then chases me around to give me a soggy hug.:pirate:


we use the cooling bandanas and the misting fans when we go. We also do a lot of resting :slight_smile:


We’re from Texas so we know heat…but that humidity in Florida can be unbearable at times…we always do well with the spray fans (we have one for each of us) and we just hang them from the stroller when we aren’t using them. If I didn’t have the stroller, I don’t know what I would do…I’m certainly not going to carry around 4 spray fan misters. :laugh:


we always take the mini fans and wear the cooling bandanas. they are light and easy to carry without much trouble. we re-wet our bandanas at water fountains all day. the misty fans have always seemed more trouble than they are worth for us, no little ones with a stroller to lug the extra junk. but i think it all comes down to your personal preference. we do the mid-day break some days and other days we will do 2 or 3 ac’d shows in a row. the humidity really is the hardest to bear.


Is this because you are Darth or because you are Tortoise?


Feeling’ hot Hot HOT! Bring it on!!!


Lots of stores have those shrinked wrapped wash clothes. We always buy one and run it under the water foutains and put around our necks. Then you have a souvenier at the end of the day!


We find the best way for us to beat the summer heat is to go in the Fall to Winter months and that way we dont worry about too much heat


My son takes a mist fan. However, if we didn’t have a stroller I think the fan would stay home. There is no way I would want to carry that thing around all day. I like walking behind him when he is spraying the fan–a little mist feels good on those hot days.

We try to beat the heat by taking a break and cooling off at our resort.


I thought by now somebody would have suggested the “Beer in every country” method of staying cool!!! I know somebody out there was at least THINKING about it!
(giggling uncontrollably)


Water, water, water. And the Great Movie Ride, Carousel of Progress (sniff), Kali River Rapids, and Ice Station Cool. Our favourite cooling place in each park.