Which Disney character is most like you?


I’m stuck on Donald Fauntleroy Duck! :donald: My personality, like Donald’s shows through my actions. Unfortunately my temper can be like Donald’s but I always come away laughing at the situation in the end just like Donald. The one difference between us is that I do wear pants.:laugh:


:laugh: Haha! That last line gave me a good laugh! :laugh:

Hmmm I guess if I had to pick a Disney character to represent me, I would pick Chip. (As in Chip n Dale, not the teacup.) I’m energetic, fun-loving and mischevious…but if you cross me or annoy me, I’ll bop you a good one!! :laugh:


it took me awhile to realize what character I would have chosen for this. Its been a long time since I have watched any Disney movie cartoons… I don’t like Mickey mouse though, never am a big fan of that creature… Go Donald…