Which disney hotel is better All Star Resorts or Pop Century?


I was think All Star Movies will be the best hotel.


All star movies appeals to me more than Pop.


I liked POP better than All Stars.


I never stay in the all star movies before!


One reason I prefer POP is because it has its own bus pick up. At AS you have to share the bus system with 3 resorts.


I voted Pop because I just loved Pop when we stayed there 2 wks ago. I have never stayed at the All Stars though, but I would stay at Pop again in a minute.


I like POP.


We’ve stayed in ***, not Movies. Stayed in POP 3 times already. Really love staying there. Also been at WL, POFQ several times, CS, etc. Decided that since we like to go often, it’s good to stay at POP. Leaves more money for more trips!!


Most definitely POP Century


POP is so much better we enjoyed staying here so much!


I like the All Stars much better than the Pop.


I agree…POP!!!


I voted for Pop but after I voted I decided that I always enjoyed my time at the All-Stars “Movies” (Fantasia section) better. So, I say All Star Movies.


Pop mostly for the reason that they dont share buses


We’ve stayed at all 3 All-Stars as well as Pop Century and Pop gets my vote hands-down. Not that All-Stars are bad, just that it seems Disney got it right (more right?) when they did Pop. We like to layout, the fact that we don’t share bus stops with another resort and the overall theme at Pop…

Hopefully, they’ll have the Classic Years side of Pop finished in my lifetime!


For a family of 5, the All Star Music resort’s family suite is the way to go! :wink:


Pop is the best! We have stayed at all stars sports on our first trip, it was ok but we love POP!


:angry: :glare:

all star movie for me. but if you can upgrade, been closer to food court and bus stop makes all the difference. also as for pop havin it own bus we stayed at carribian beach with its own bus. i would stay at all star every time now:closedeye