Which DVC resort should I choose?


:confused: My family and I are planning a WDW trip next August. ( I know the Florida heat is bad, but everyone is the family are teachers.) Any who… my DS and I are planning to use our DVC points to get accommandations for everyone. Since we are traveling in August some of the family plan on staying at the pools during the day and going to the parks at night. My question is which resort to choose? Since the party is quite large and we want everyone to be treated equal, my DS and I are planning on getting each couple/family their own studio. I was thinking of trying to get the BC or Boardwalk because they have great pools and the access to Epcot is great, but I was also looking into OKW because I hear the hotel, pools , and surroundings are gorgeous!! And since some are staying at the pool all day, I know this might do the ticket.

Any Suggestions???


Well, if swimming is high on the list, The Beach Club definitely wins for the pool. Stormalong Bay is a mini-waterpark in itself. And of course both BCV and BWV are within walking distance of Epcot. All very nice perks.

But for size, relaxation, beautiful grounds, economy I’d go with OKW. You can’t even begin to compare the suites of OKW to the other DVC properties. OKW was built before Disney found a way to “cut corners” and it’s pretty obvious that it’s construction is superior to the other DVC properties. It has an atmosphere of a small village. Very laid back and quiet. The main pool is nice, with a sauna, hot tub, children’s pool and playground and small gym, (also tennis courts) all centrally located. There are 3 other pools and two other tennis courts. The waterslide is in the shape of a huge sandcastle. Olivia’s restaurant is very “homey” and the food is tasty - in fact the whole place has the feel of “family”. And it’s less points than the others. It’s always been our personal favourite.


I do not have much experience with the DVC…but I must agree with llama… OKW is great! We just stayed there this summer. We stayed in a studio and had TONS of room. Supposed to be the largest DVC from what I have heard. OF course I am partial to Wilderness Lodge myself.:wink:


I agree th OKW is wonderful. That is by far my fav. It is so wonderful and relaxing!


We wound up with a one bedroom at OKW last New Year’s. It was really nice. Also, I’d guess that the price is less than any of the DVC resorts that are attached to the deluxe resorts (BW, BC). I’d also add that the OKW suite we had was much more condo-like than a hotel room. But you can’t beat being walking distance to two parks.
I have no opinion of Saratoga Springs, other than the name reminds me of Animal House. (Mrs. Wormer sent there after her “breakdown”)


My last trip was a split Beach Club, OKW stay. While I enjoyed the location of the Beach Club, It really was just a glorified hotel room. You went to the BC for all of your needs.

OKW was awsome. Very different form the others, big and relaxed. The only knock is the transport, with no park within walking distance.


We’re practically like family since we’re on the boards together!!! If I’m invited you’ll get me a studio, put me down for Beach Club or Boardwalk. I’d prefer BC as mentioned… Stormalong Bay is a great pool. But, I’d settle for Boardwalk as it’s one of the few I’ve never stayed at! Also, the convenience of being able to walk right in the back door of Epcot is an added bonus!


I will go against the grain.
I liked OKW we stayed at a GV and it was nice. The pool is good but still not in the league of Stormalong bay. Also, you can get stuck out petty fare from the main pool area at OKW. Ya, you can take the bus but it can be a hassle with a lot of people. And worse if you forgot something and have to go back.
You can’t go wrong with ether place but since your post seemed to suggest pool over room size, BCV would be the place to stay.


We have stayed at both the BC and BW, and you just can’t beat the Boardwalk (except for the awesome pool at BC)


We stayed a Boardwalk and weren’t that impressed but we didn’t much care for our room and that was a huge part of it. The pool area seems small to me, not very spread out. I do like their pool bar and we pop-ed over there for a drink from Epcot on our last trip.
We did book a Boardwalk room for the end of Sept. so having a better room may change my mind. I just hate giving up that darn pool over at the BC:laugh:


The only one we’ve stayed at is OKW and we LOVED it. We were a little far from the main building, but we had a car so we just drove to the main pool & back - no trouble for us at all. We’re not DVC members, but we’ll definitely be renting points to stay there again (By renting points, Sunday - Thursday nights the studio was actually cheaper than if we’d stayed at POFQ!!)