Which DVC resort would u pick?


Hi there. So DH and I were talking about when our next trip would be and a friend of his said that he wanted to take his family this year to Disney. So we all decided that we would go at the same time and we are going to use our vacation club points for all us to stay. So here is where I need a little help. All the times that we have stayed in Disney it has been just DH and I… (other than our wedding and 2 years ago we did bring another one of his friends) This trip would be 4 adults (DH & me, DH’s friend and his wife) and their 2 children (ages 3 & 6) and poss their oldest who is like 17 or 18 (not sure if she is going yet).
I am thinking that a 2 bedroom would be more than enough room for all us but Im not sure where we should stay. I really would love to stay at Kidani Village again and Im also leaning towards Tree House villas… DH said that we should pick where we are going to stay seeing as how it is our DVC points that we are using, but I want his friends and family to be happy also, seeing as how they have never been there before…
I was wondering which DVC resort you would pick, Why? and if you think that a 2 bedroom would be enough room for all of us?



Well, it really does depend on how many points you have available, etc. Old Key West would be the least amount of points but if I was going with a group like that I might be inclined to stay in a Treehouse Villa at SSR. It sounds like the space would be appreciated & they are so new! If you usually travel as a couple you may never have the chance to stay with a group in the Treehouse Villas again real soon.


I don’t think a two bedroom would be big enough unless there is a lot of sharing going on.
It depends on what kind of personal space you like. The tree houses for 4 adults and 2 children would push the limit, in my opinion. Using the pull out stuff in the living room will leave zero room to move around. So if everyone goes to bed at the same time and gets up at the same time, you will be ok. But if not …


I think you should book the tree house. I think it will offer more seperate space than the two bedroom. It will be nice to have a place for you all to retreat to…just my opinion.


If your families are close then I think you’ll be fine in a two bedroom. If you don’t spend a lot of time together the closeness might be too much. We vacation with friends in a two bedroom all the time and have no issue with the space but we do spend a lot of time together. Our kids have know each other since birth and think nothing of sharing a room or bed with each other. With a two bedroom you will each have your own bedroom but you really are together 24/7.


We have enough points to cover any of the DVC resorts (other than Bay Lake) for the amount of time that we are going 6 days 5 nights. OKW is the best as far as points go cause we could add 1 more day. I looked into Treehouse villas and the only thing that I didnt like was we would have to take a bus from treehouse to the springs @ SSR then another bus onto which park etc we were going to, also and I could be wrong about this but I dont think that there is any parking at Treehouse villas(although I did read that they do have a seperate entrance) so then we would have to park at SSR and do the same thing with bus or walk.
We all get along great and more like family than friends. While we are there we arent going to be together all the time, our friends have the kids so they will want to stuff with them while with us not having kids we will want to do other stuff. There will be times I’m sure that we will plan things to do together but for the most part we are all kind of on our own. Then again as we all know things change etc… I think I will have to do some more research on tree house villas. WISH you are right though how many other times will we have the ability to stay there… That is something for us to really thing about also…
Ahh I think I’m having a disney melt down! LOL!


OK! So I just called DVC member services and treehouse villas is booked for the entire month of October (oops I think I forgot to mention that was when we want to go). SSR (our home resort) has plenty of 2 bedrooms available for Oct and I cant check any of the other resorts till 7 months out which is March.


I would book SSR now - then at least you know you have a firm reservation. At the 7th month point I’d check in again to see if there are any cancellations or to change to another resort. Have you checked to see how many points are needed for a Grand Villa at OKW?


Grand Villa @ OKW is 43 pts Sun-Thurs total of 215… We are a few points shy of the 215… I called back DVC member services and she told me that there are no Grand Villas @ OKW available in Oct… She was looking for me cause the CM said that we could pay cash at a DVC member discount rate for the additional night that we would need.


I think 2 room villa would be big enough. As long as your friends are aware that they will have a room with a queen bed and a pull out couch for their kids (I think SSR has 2 queens in the 2nd bedroom - right?). If the 18 year old comes, she could have the option of sleeping out in the living room, or maybe 1 of the little ones can sleep in the queen with the parents, and the older can sleep in the pull out with the other little one. My DS fits comfy in a queen with me and DH, and we are not small people.

I think the BWV would be my favorite place to stay with a group. It has very easy access to Epcot and HS (via boat), and bus to AK and MK. But be aware that BWV only has 1 bed and 1 pull out couch in the 2nd bedroom (there is also a pull out couch in the living room).

You really can’t go wrong though…have fun planning!


I would highly recommend not using the living room as a sleeping arrangement since everyone is not family. It could lead to hard feelings about how it is kept up, or if someone gets up and starts coffee and wakes someone etc…


This is exactly what would happen to me when on family vacations at the beach…I was the one stuck sleeping on the sofa and no matter how quiet that first person getting up was…when they started brewing that coffee :blow:…and then forget it, i was up for the day, well, except for the naps on the beach :happy:


In looking at the layouts I don’t like the fact that most say that a 2 bedroom could be just a 1 bedroom with a studio. Your friends would have to be ok with their kids sleeping in the pullout. If they are fine with that they you would be ok. Are the treehouses that much less in points that the 3bedroom grand villas?

Personally I would book WL but that is my favorite theme of all the DVC resorts.


VWL have dedicated units that are a king in one BR and 2 queens in the other. This would work for your freinds and the younger ones. Their oldest is the wild card.


Beach Cub Villas have some rooms that are 2 queens in the second bedroom. You have to book it that was when you reserve the room or you will get the typical queen/sofa sleeper.


I had a two bedroom unit, but everyone was family and we all made sure the kds cleaned up in the morning. That being said you have to remember that the kids may be too excited to sleep at night and you may find it hard to sleep listening too them.:laugh:
I never considered the treehouse villas until a few days ago because of the amount bdr’s (we are going back with a large group)
you tube has two really good videos of the accommodations.


The best that would work would be the Grand Villas but that isnt going to be an option so we are really going to be going with a 2 bedroom. I still have alot of thinking to do about it etc and we are all getting together on Saturday night to discuss everything etc so hopefully I can book the room by monday. The way I look at it is that we are going to disney and that is all that matters. OoO


[QUOTE=jk8;1018563]In looking at the layouts I don’t like the fact that most say that a 2 bedroom could be just a 1 bedroom with a studio. Your friends would have to be ok with their kids sleeping in the pullout. If they are fine with that they you would be ok. Are the treehouses that much less in points that the 3bedroom grand villas?

Personally I would book WL but that is my favorite theme of all the DVC resorts.[/QUOTE]

Yup Treehouse villas are that much less in points than the grand villa… The points for treehouse villas are equal to staying at SSR in a 2 bedroom…