Which DVC resort would you stay at with a young toddler?


Okay so this is still hypothetical…

…but airfare for us is more expensive to L.A. than it is to Orlando (go figure :rolleyes:) so DH and I were talking last night about the possibility of going to WDW this fall instead of Disneyland.

If we went, it’s a pretty sure thing that we would want to rent points and stay at a DVC resort. That’s kinda why I’m hoping to decide soon, so there are hopefully still some options available to us!

Alice will be about 22/23 months old then…which DVC resort would YOU stay at with a young toddler?

I’m trying to weigh location, amenities, price, etc. to decide which would be the best choice!


If you like to spend time at the resort, I’d go for beach club. My DGD LOVED the sandy beach/water area when she was 28 months. I would pick either beach club or boardwalk, just so I could walk to DHS or Epcot and not deal with a stroller on buses.


I have to agree with jo-jo on her choices…both would be easier simply for the fact that you can walk to two of the four theme parks and avoid the buses with the stroller. I am a big fan of OKW, but it would be difficult for you with Alice unless you rent a car which is always an option.


I also agree with jo-jo. You can’t beat the pool area at BC. I bet Alice would love it!


Thanks guys! I was leaning toward Boardwalk/BC just for that reason - being able to walk to 2 parks!!

We really want to stay at AKV, but I started explaining to DH last night that I didn’t like the idea of having to take a bus everywhere. (I don’t think he got my point though…:dry:) I think that if I convince DH to go with me on this decision, he will end up thanking me for it when we only have to get the stroller on a bus half the time! :laugh:


I suggest OKW. They have large studio’s for the points. Great resort!


I agree with Beach Club. However, if you want to get the most bang for your buck go with OKW. AKL is beautiful, as you well know, but I agree with you about its remote location. BC has sooooooo much to offer - great resturants within walking distance or on property, close proximity to MGM (whatever its called:glare: :laugh: ) and EPCOT, the boardwalk is right there, the pool is fabulous! You can’t go wrong!:happy:


I was going back through and weighing all the options again, and boy was it tough!! :pinch: There are so many great choices!

I did come up with what I think is a semi-devious plan…my sister and mom are dying to go to WDW, so I say we offer to let them come with us and split the cost of a 2-bedroom villa. Then they get their trip (and get to stay at a great resort for cheap!), AND we have built-in baby-sitters so we can have an adult day! :tongue: Trust me, my mom couldn’t resist taking Alice off on her own…probably for a day at a time! :laugh:

What do you think? :wink:


I would agree with the Beach Club. The pool area there with the sand and all is just amazing for toddlers.