Which DVC resort?


We are considering going for our first DVC trip in December. We would stay in a studio. We have 220 points and 220 points banked from this year, so we have plenty, but you still want to save them if you can. There is a possiblity that my MIL and FIL would come along so that would mean we would get two studios. We will go to the MVMCP at least once, we may go twice.
So my question is, Which DVC resort would you stay at? We would stay around 8 nights.
The choices and point values are as follows:
Boardwalk Villas - 85
Beach Club Villas - 104
Wildernesslodge Villas - 104
Saratoga Springs Villas - 95
Old Key West - 80

Or would you split the stay?


This is a win-win deal, you really can’t go wrong with any DVC resort.

Which park do you plan to spend most of your time in? If it’s MK then WL is the closest. It’s a beautiful resort and the boat ride to MK is so relaxing.

We love Beach Club for the location and the awesome pool. The walk to Epcot is so nice. We stayed at SSR last May and it’s a beautiful resort but not close to any one park. Our room was about as far from the main area as possible so every mug of soda was a mile walk round trip. Not a big deal but we didn’t do it often.


Those point values look funny to me!!! If you are talking Christmas in a studio, I have 181 points for a week at Beach Club, 156 Boardwalk, etc… In my opinion, if MIL & FIL join you it would probably be more worth it to get a bigger villa, than getting two studios. Then you will have full kitchen, private laundry, seperate bedrooms, etc. It might even be cheaper, points wise, to do that instead of getting 2 studios.


We will probably spend a day or part of a day at each park. Most of the time will be spent at MK. It is so tempting to go with the cheapest, but we have never stayed at any of them. We are planning to have more down time this time. We will have at least a day where we do not go to the parks at all.


If you have kids and a lot of down time I would go with Beach Club, the pool area is so fun.


I chose OKW for it’s closeness to DTD, cheaper price and bigger rooms.


Sorry I should have put in the dates. I got these point values from online. The dates are Dec. 6-13th. So they are actually before christmas and the cost of one studio.

If my MIL and FIL go, we would def. need separate bedrooms. So the choice must either be two studios or a 2 bedroom. We are not sure of how much cooking we would really do. They would have to be simple meals.

At the studios, do they have silverware, cups and bowls? For breakfast and such?


In a studio you get 4-6 paper plates and bowls and about the same in plastic silverware. There are also some glass coffee cups and some drinking glasses.


I wish I could speak on this from experience but it would be a hard decision between the Boardwalk and Beach Club. For some reason I’m really drawn to the Beach Club, so it got my vote.


If you can get the Boardwalk Villas for 85, for me, that is a no-brainer. Wonderful resort, great location. I have never been able to find the cheap rooms there though, they are the first ones gone. If the cheap rooms are gone, and it is going to be 104, I would do Beach Club Villas, I like them a bit more than Boardwalk, plus you get Stormalong Bay.


I second what Mickey said. We are stayinga t BCV for our December trip, and I can’t wait! If you are planning on spending alot of down time at the hotel, then BC has the best pool–Stormalong Bay. Keep us osted on what you decide.


I would choose either Villas at WL because it will be all decked out for Christmas and will be even more stunning than usual!! Or Old Key West because it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO relaxing and the rooms are bigger and IT"S CHEAPER!! Definatly go with the 2 studios. We do this all the time. Gives everyone their own “space” and it also cost MUCH less than a two bedroom villa. Besides…who wants to cook while they are at WDW??? LOL!

Here is what I found on Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World regarding what is supplied in your studio: “Studios are similar to a regular hotel room, with the addition of a small kitchenette. The kitchenette has a toaster, microwave, under-counter refrigerator with small freezer, coffeemaker, and bar sink. Coffee mugs, glasses, paper plates and bowls, plastic utensils, a sponge, dish soap, paper towels, a can opener and a corkscrew are furnished. Coffee, creamer, sugar and sweetener are supplied. Inside the closet is a vacuum cleaner, iron and small table top ironing board. The bathroom, equipped with a hairdryer. All units have a patio or balcony with two chairs and small table. Studio units sleep four.”


I think the wilderness lodge for christmas, it just has a christmas feel to it. im on a waiting list for that resort i hope i get it:wub:


I love that nobody has voted for poor Saratoga Springs yet?! hehe.

Oh, I forgot to ask, are we talkin’ THIS coming December, or Dec. 2007?


LOL SSR is a beautiful resort but it’s just so big and not close to any park so it’s never going to be the first choice for a lot of people.


I voted for VWL but I have to say that there is no bad choice here. I think you’ll find that all the standard view studios at BWV may be gone which makes VWL, BCV and BWV all the same number of points. All are great as is OKW and SSR. Honestly, I like all of these for different reasons. If you anticipate spending a great deal of time at Epcot, I would go with BCV or BWV since they are so close that you can walk to the park.

If you have all those points, why not consider a 1 bedroom? The extra space might be nice especially when you are going for 8 nights!!:cool: