Which DVC resort?


Which DVC resort is the best out of these four? We’re probably going to stay in a DVC studio for our June trip I am not including WL and AKL because they are high choices regardless but just in case those are not available I have never even SEEN some of these four.:laugh:


I’ve never stayed at any of these resorts but the Saratoga Springs really catches my eye.


I would have to go with Beach Club. The location alone makes it a great choice then add the cool pool and beautiful resort and you have the start of a great vacation.


Saratoga Springs…mostly quiet and relaxing and very pretty.


They all have their strong points and they’re all deluxe accomodation - it’s more about you. What’s most important?

Personally our favourite is OKW because the suites are far superior to the others, and we love the small village feeling.


This is a strong point - what do you want in a place/room? OKW uses less points, offers bigger rooms but it doesn’t offer the locations percs of the others.

We have stayed in the other three and all are very nice. We are trying OKW this time based on llama’s recommendation (highly recommended).


I am interested in this poll as well… we are deciding between BCV and BWV.

As far as I can tell from one trip to BWV before, we loved that it was so closely attached to the regular hotel… but we would have loved to have a full-service restaurant in the resort, even with the full kitchen in the room and the Boardwalk restaurants.

BCV seems like a great choice because of that pool, but also because you have the on-site restaurants. I like the idea of roaming down to Cape May Cafe for scrambled eggs while still half asleep.

Stormalong Bay is so great, but the Keister Coaster is too… this is such a tough choice. Just really tough.

Now, I am off to check out OKW pics…


We’ve stayed at SSR and OKW, both are very nice but have different qualities to them. We’re staying at BWV in March so I can’t give an opinion on that one yet. It’s really up to your personal preferences, like Boss asked above…what are YOU looking for in a room/resort??
Hey Bella…we leave in 123 days for our Summer trip…maybe we’ll still be there whenever you arrive…it’d be great to meet you since we missed you in Hilton Head last year!!


Maybe we can come up with a nice little meet-n-greet with Cinderbella, DT, Trailblazer, Davis Family, Goofy Family! Any other MBuzzers going to be there that week??

Are you looking for a studio or larger villa? What’s important to you? More room or being able to walk down to a lobby or restaurant? OKW has larger rooms, very relaxing setting but you can’t just walk down to a food court to fill up your mug. SSR you may or may not be able to do that, depends on your location. But SSR you can request a room to view the PI fireworks each night or close to the boat launch to DTD. Each resort has some perks. Just depends on what you are looking for.


That could be fun. I’m going with another family so I’ll have to ditch them for a few a bit. MB is my secret life and one I don’t want to share with anyone, it’s my escape from life.


Hey Bella, I am going to be realisitic (imagine that) and say either OKW or SSR. Only because those point values we talked about with Boardwalk we’re based on a “standard view studio” and those are apparantly REALLY hard to come by. There aren’t a lot of them & we happened to get into one because we had “waitlisted” it at the 7 months prior mark.

Honestly, if i was you, I would make your reservation at either OKW or SSR & put the other two on a waitlist. Then if it comes through, GREAT! If not, you are already booked at a beautiful resort!

PS: if you were still going with that other couple I would have said HANDS DOWN Old Key West because you’d 100% need the other bed & all the space (that’s where we stayed with 4 chicks on Girl Trip) but since it’s just you and the Dave now you’d might really enjoy the quiet romantic fun at SSR. :smile:


Boardwalk, Beach Club, Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge are all going to cost about the same, use about the same numbers of credits.

Other than the size of the resort and it’s non-proximity to the parks, I’d choose OKW. It’s more home like than the others and the rooms are larger because it’s the first and oldest.


I actually like them all!:laugh:
Honestly, to us the fact that they are all “deluxe” resorts is the main benefit. We love having a good pool…and as long as there is a store and a food court we are usually set!!
We just want to try something different than we’ve done in the past (AKL, POP, ASMo, and POR)…since we won’t be on the dining plan we’ll probably only do two ADR meals, so they’d probably be “in park” anyways. I’m easy!!

I’ll have to go stare at the slide shows some more because it’s practically a tie in the poll!!:laugh:


Oh! I know SSR is HUGE but is OKW very big?? I actually don’t even think I have ever seen the entrance to OKW so I don’t even know where it is!

Also, good buses are a plus…we don’t ever drive on property even though we always drive to Florida.


Boardwalk,love the short walk to Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios


BC and BW don’t have a food court. Both have bars that serve light snacks if you are hungry. BC has a quick service counter in the gift shop with a few selections all day long. Hurrucane Hannah’s next to Stormalong Bay is good for a quick bite. WL has a quick service restautant that is very good.

So no food court like the mods and values but there are options for a quick bite.


Uh-uh - the pressure’s on!:ohmy:


Well - one way to look at it - do you like the feel of a hotel or would you rather be in your own “village”? BCV, BWV, WLV all are attached to hotels, so you are going to have that “hotel” feel. OKW and SSR are like condo villages - you park your car outside your suite or room, there’s no “concierge” , no valet parking, and none of the hustle and bustle of a typical hotel. BW and BCV will give you lots of restaurants and great poximity to Epcot - but there are definitely more people around at the end of the day, than if you’re at OKW or SSR. So, it’s all in what you like.


Out of those listed, I have only stayed at OKW. It is really nice, rooms are large, it has boat launch, nice pool…

BUT… If I could choose any of the 4, I would go with Boardwalk. SO much more to do there. Better night life. More dining options. We have family friends that bought their DVC there, and stay there every visit. They LOVE it!


We love having a good pool…and as long as there is a store and a food court we are usually set!!

Cinderbella, when I first read this sentence, I immediately thought, “BCV without a doubt!” because (arguably) Stormalong Bay is the best pool at the DVC resorts. And, the fairly new snack shop/store that they added to BCV (the gelato is awesome!) is much better than what they had previously, but it is not as varietal as a food court.

SS is my least favorite DVC property (and, unfortunately for me, I own points there.) As others have mentioned though, all of the DVC properties have their good points.

You’ll probably enjoy whichever property you choose.