Which hotel for 4 adults and 3 kids?


Does anyone know of a resort that can hold 4 adults and 3 kids? My sister is now wanting to go over thanksgiving break and we thought it would be cheaper for us to go 1/2 on 1 room as opposed to 2 rooms at the value.

How many adults can a family suite hold at the values?

Help please!!!


A suite at All Star Music holds 6.

An option may be a cabin at Fort Wilderness.

We choose two connecting rooms at the Pop. That works best for us. Off-season, it should be under $200 a night for two rooms.


My dates are hopefully 11/26 12/6 The WDW site seems to think things are all sold out and to re do the dates… I also tried with 6 at suite ASmusic and nothing came up… The only thing I could find was the wilderness for $4853.14 and only inclues 4 adulds and 2 kids…


Ok… I just checked WDW site and I think 4 nights are $99 night and the rest are value. I think it may be cheaper for us each to cook seperate


The cabins only sleep 6.
A DVC 2-bedroom sleeps 8.
2 connecting rooms (value or moderate) sleeps 8.


You are not going to get 7 people in a value room…


You have to call Disney for the Suites, they still do not come up on the computer when you search.


The suites only sleep siz, so they are out with your party of 7. DVc, cabins or connecting rooms are your only options.


Cabins only sleep 6.


adjoining or connecting rooms might be a great option!


How old are the kids? Anyone under 3 doesn’t classify as a person so you could go anywhere that sleeps 6.


^So then where does the 7th “non-person” sleep?

I’d go with adjoining rooms. That’s your best bet, IMO.


Check the S/D too. But you can always see about 2 rooms anywhere as well.



I think Disney assumes the infant/toddler will sleep in a crib/pack n play

I agree- two adjoining rooms.


If you’re not gung-ho on staying on property, I’d check out Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO) website as they have a lot of townhomes/condos that are cheaper than a Disney hotel.

I’ve been on that website a lot lately for our upcoming trip next Oct/Nov. I have always stayed on property in the past but our last trip was nice and quiet (other than the arse at the timeshare place) I don’t have much desire to stay on property anymore; especially after reading so many trip reports lately about noisey neighbors in the next room, balconey, etc.


opps that’s right…my bad. I had sleeps 8 in my head for some reason. Thanks for correcting me.:heart:


Just quoting the reservation cm’s…they said they can give you packnplays for anyone under 3 because they “don’t count”…
In my situation…all of my kids although still young don’t care if they are crammed in a bed together. I am sure that will change once my son hits his teens:laugh:


Hey all. The kids are 6-7-9 they all need a bed. I also think that im set on all of us to have 2 rooms. I was thinking about last trip and my nephew had me up at 5 am every day ready and dressed for the parks! No way!! Not this time :laugh:


Stay at the SSR 2 bedroom Villa. It is very nice! Sleeps 8


I say 2 rooms. No matter how much you love your family, you always need a little break from each other.