Which hotel?


If you were going to stay off property, which of these three hotels would you stay at:

Candy Cane Inn, Residence Inn, or Portofino Suites???

I checked out their websites and they look really nice. Does anyone have any experiences at them?



Actually, all three of those are very nice, and three I would suggest. If you just need a room, the Candy Cane Inn is hard to beat, great rooms, great location. The Portofino is closer than the Residence Inn, but I would probably choose the Residence Inn if you wanted privacy, the rooms are bit bigger, and a bit more private.


Thanks!! What’s your opinion of the pool areas?


I have stayed at the Residence Inn and Protofino. The Portofino is much classier. The Residence Inn has free breakfast every day and light dinner most nights except Sat & Sun. The Residence has a larger pool area. They have just done a massive remodel.It is farther from the parks. The kids suite is very nice and great for the kids. The Portofino has a small pool. They advertise free meals for kids. To get a free kids meal an adult must pay full price at the coffee shop next door to the hotel. I thought the food was over priced and not so good. Overall you would probably will enjoy both of these.



I stayed at the candy cane inn and love it.


We’ve been to both the Candy Cane Inn and Portofino. Both are great places, and they’re across the street from one another.
I would say the determining factor for me would be if we were bringing the kids.

If we were just adults, I’d go to Candy Cane, but if we had the kids, I’d go for Portofino. Can’t beat the extra room and space: two tv’s, play area, separate bedrooms!

I know the CCI has a very small pool, but it was nice. And they have a free breakfast. However, Portofino has the Kids Eat Free program for all three meals at the Jolly Roger across the street. I didn’t use the pool at Portofino, but from the pictures, it looks a little bit larger.


Ddoll said exactly what I was going to say…I would choose Portofino if I had kids with me, and Candy Cane Inn if it was just me and DH. The Residence Inn is also nice, but a little less convenient to the parks.

I’m curious, did you decide which one to go with? :smile:


We spent 20 nights at the Park Vue inn from 11/1/06- 11/21/06…and we loved it. We had a room with 2 queensize beds, it was very clean, tidy and the absolute closest to the cross walk. The staff were friendly and very helpful, the room was big enough, we weren’t there for a vacation, just for a bed near disney. We got a free continental breakfast each morning which was more than adequate although who they think would eat donuts for breakfast, i have no idea. They did have cereals, toast and fruit so that was more than enough and we usually took a piece of fruit each with us to eat during the day. Didn’t use the pool, if i wanted to swim i’d have stayed home and used ours, we went to visit Disneyland…lol. Parking was fine, its close to loads of local resturants etc…the laundry facilities were great…and by booking online direct with them in advance we got it for $63 a night, which just can’t be beaten…

Vicki in Oz


Wow! TWENTY nights? That is a heck of a trip…

Oh, I just noticed you are from Australia. Now it makes sense! :smile: