Which HS Restaurant


Which HS restaurant would you choose? Without taking the fantasmic Dinner package into consideration, what has the best food? WE have never eaten at any but Mama Melrose’s, BUT DFIL doesn’t care for it! HELP!!!


:happy:I have never eaten at any of those either, but I just booked for Hollywood & Vine so I hope it is good


I have eaten at Prime Time and it was good and alot of fun. Of course if you have kids it is even more fun.


Hollywood and Vine probably has the best food of the three, but '50’s Prime Time has pretty good food and is a lot more fun.


Hollywood & Vine is one of only two restaurants at Disney that we will NEVER go to again. Twice we had terrible service…40 minutes past our adr time for seating one time, took forever to get drinks and our table cleaned when we first arrived…table was sticky; food was mediocre at best and luke warm; they kept running out of food and took forever to replace. The place was filthy and they share restrooms with 50’s Prime Time and I won’t even go there with what the bathrooms looked like. Sci-Fi has limited their menu quite a bit, so that would leave Prime Time as the one we suggest (truthfully, the only place we eat at HS is Mama Melrose).


I picked Sci-Fi cause we love the shakes and onion rings.


Love H&V endive salad!


50’s Prime Time is a lot of fun. Sci-Fi is a little loud, and I’ve gotten sick off their food (an unfortunate experience… bleck.), so my vote goes to Prime Time.


What time of year did you go?


We went once in April and once in July–usually around 5:30 p.m.


Is Brown Derby not an option? My meal there was really great and the atmosphere was surprisingly relaxing and really cool. Of those three I would choose Hollywood & Vine, I like the variety there & the desserts are really good.


We’ve eaten at just about all the restaurants is DHS, and specifically the three you ask about. H&V is ok, but just another blah buffet for me. I was really not impressed at all. Sci Fi is fun, and the food is good, but the movie reel isn’t long enough and you sit there watching the same mini-flicks over and over again.

That being said, Prime Time is an all time favorite of my family. It’s a must do every time we visit. The food does have a certain “comfort” about it, and the theming is great. The comic relief of the staff depends on what CM is your server and how far into their roll they play. It can be tons of fun and quite a laugh. I love the old 50’s show clips that run on the TV’s. It seems there are more options on the menu here too. You can even order a malted or a milkshake with your dinner as your drink, or take it to go at the end of you meal. A chocolate milkshake can be quite tasty as you walk over and sit waiting for Fantasmic!


50’s Prime Time because I’m a 50’s type of gal.


I voted H&V . . . I know it gets a lot of BAD reviews . . . but we were there in May (Mother’s Day weekend) and we enjoyed it. Plenty to choose from, and something for everyone. The desserts were good too . . . there are pics of the buffet in my “mission accomplished” TR!

I’ve never been to the other two choices . . . but based on responses here . . . HS REALLY NEEDS to redo their dining . . . wait . . . did you consider Mama Melrose? That was good last time we went! :laugh:


We love Sc Fi- i know its not the best food but we like the atmosphere in there.


Sci-Fi is just like counter service inside with a movie screen. But you are eating in cars! I thought that was pretty cool.


I would love to try Brown Derby but with us doing the DDP I just automatically cast it out since it is 2 TS credits!


I think of all of the 1 TS credit Mama’s is the best, but DFIL did not really care for it, so I am not considering it for this dinner.


I voted for Hollywood & Vine since it’s a buffet and I would hope everyone would find something they like to eat. We’ve done the character breakfast there and really enjoyed it.


We have eaten in every spot available in HS. Hollwood Brown Derby by far is our favorite. :cool: