Which Is Better: March or November?


I just spent 2 hours at the book store trying to get information on crowd levels at WDW. For our next trip I’m contemplating Thanksgiving '08 or Spring Break '09. Given the fact that I have mainly gone during the summer months when the heat is at it’s worst and we’ve had to take major breaks during the day so as not to run ourselves out of steam, I’m thinking that for these dates in question it won’t be necessary and we’ll be able to keep trucking for most of the day.

The November dates would be the Friday BEFORE Thanksgiving all the way through the Sunday after Thanksgiving giving us a total of 9 nights and 8 days. Has anyone ever been during this timeframe and if so, how were the crowds.

The March dates would be the Friday before our scheduled Spring Break (March 7) all the way through the following Sunday (March 16).

Any help, again, would be greatly appreciated.:wub:


Either time is going to be crowded. If I had to choose, I would go with November. Having been there for spring break, I would sooner rip out my hair hair by hair before going there at that time again. It was BRUTAL! It was crowded, hot and jut awful for me. I would pick november cause even though it will be crowded, you will have mild temps and chrsitmas decore…MVMCP will be going on…tons more options.


I love the weather in November too. Its warm in the day, but cooler in the evening. Very pleasant.:happy:


Would you say these times are more crowded than in the summer? I’ve been in June and July and it was HOT, HOT, HOT and the crowds were ridiculous. I’ve just returned a week ago and the August heat was BAD but the crowds noticeably lighter.


I would say that the crowds are more at Easter, but can’t really compare it as I have never been there in November. I have been the first week of august and it was totally crowded, but not nearly as crowded as Easter time…I lost it in the parks…it was hot, the people were rude and you could not walk without bumping into someone…never, never , never , never again.


I would also say November. It is cooler and very festive this time of year. It can get crowded, but I think spring break time is worse. That is my opinion for what it’s worth.


I would choose November. We’ve been there during Spring break twice, once being this year. It wasn’t hot by any means but there were a LOT of High School bands, therefore there were a lot of teenagers running rampant.

Spring break is usually the time for the High schools nationwide to have some type of big trip for their bands or Seniors, etc. It was busy but we avoided a lot of things that we have done in the past just because we didn’t want to mess with the crowds.

I have ALWAYS wanted to go the week after Thanksgiving because all the Christmas decorations are up and the crowds do start to thin out after Thanksgiving weekend.

If you can, I would go during off peak times when school is in session. We did this a lot when DD was much younger, now she refuses to miss school so therefore we’re stuck going during Spring break or other weeklong breaks in the school year (which isn’t much except for Christmas and I would avoid it like the plague).


Since our Spring Break is earlier than most (mid March) we’ve always had really good luck with crowds etc at Disney. I really don’t think it’ll be a problem for you, unless it backs up to Easter (like ours will this year). Do y’all do the water parks? March is very doable. Don’t know about November. We’ve been in December and didn’t do the water parks…too chilly for me!
If the parks are decorated in November when you go…you’ll love it! Our friends went the week of Thanksgiving last year and said it didn’t really get busy until Wednesday…the day before Thanksgiving. That was their 1st trip and they LOVED it! Hey, why not buy AP’s and take both trips!!!


We’re doing our 2nd Thanksgiving week trip this year. From experience and research, I’d say that’s the time to go. Agree, crowds weren’t bad until Wednesday. And even then, the UG crowd levels are lower than spring break (6’s - 8’s, IIRC). Going early and using FP, the longest line we were in the whole week was 20 minutes (Great Movie Ride at noon on Thanksgiving Day. High temps in the 70’s and low 80’s. Christmas decs. Osborne lights. Candlelight Processional beginning the Friday after Thanksgiving. MVMCP the Friday before Thanksgiving and Sunday after. We’re contemplating it on Friday, our arrival day (touching down at 1:15).


My vote is for November. You’ll have the added treat of the holiday decorations!


The first two weeks of Nov. is a great time to be there as far as crowds go, but if you want to see Christmas “stuff” then you’ll have to be there from the week of Thanksgiving on.


NOVEMBER!!! I’ve been in November twice & the crowds were significantly less than when we went in the Spring this year. Not so hot that time of year either.


Look at touringplans.com. They have very good advice.


I have to say- I don’t think- unless something changes with kids/school/sports- that I will ever go there April - September. I get too hot! That being said- it was cooler in June this year than it was in Feb when we were there… so who really knows- but November is SO nice! I Love it then!!!



after Thanksgiving weekend small crowds and Christmas lights at MGM/Disney

have to be seen to be belived


NOVEMBER!! We always go for my DD’s BIRTHDAY!! :heart: