Which is better, mid-March or mid-May


I am trying to decide which would be better, March 12-19th or May 14-21st. Any suggestions?


It may be a toss-up to some see if there is anything going on during these times you are interested in. You can use the buy 4 get 3 free discount during both times.


I have not visited WDW in March but May is perfect. It would seem like both would be about the same in terms of crowd level but the weather in May can’t be beat.


I’s say Mid-May. In March you’ll have the Spring Breakers combined with cheerleaders. Mid-May will have busy weekends with the SWW’s but the crowds are generally lower since it’s so close to the end of the school year. We did late May once (I think the 25th is the day we got there) and it was great.


I’ve been multiple times in May and they were great times. Not too hot, not too crowded.

I’d be really careful around March with Spring Break crowds.


I’d vote for Mid May too! Plus isn’t the flower and garden festival still going on then?


I haven’t been in March but May is wonderful. The spring break crowds are gone and kids are still in school, plus the weather is usually beautiful.


I would say May. We have been several times in May and we will be going back in mid May in 2009 again. We love it at that time. It is pleasently warm but not humid like the summer.


Most definitely Mid-May. The weather can still be a little iffy in march, plus you have to deal with the spring breakers in March.