Which is better weather wise?


Just wondering if Florida weather is the same in July and August?

We’ve been in August and I know it can be quite rainy and extremely HOT, is this the same for July?


Yeah, they are pretty much the same,HOT HOT HOT!!!


I personally like Florida in July, but I love hot weather. We went to WDW in July of 2006 and I recall the weather was low 90’s with one day of rain, so not too bad.


HOT, HUMID, HOT!! :cool:

In the summer months you always get that rain shower in the afternoon.

Altho, we haven’t had RAIN in FOREVER, and we are suppose to have cool temps again? Sooooooooo who knows what this summer will bring?


Yeah they are pretty much the same, but August seems to be a little hotter some years.


The weather is mostly the same. Hot, Humid and regular sun showers.


Yes, been in both months and the weather is much the same, hot, humid with regular afternoon showers or storms.


It’s the same.


That’s what I figured, but thought that it never hurts to ask, especially here with all the experts we have. I think we’re going to go in February 2010 while the kids are off for mid-winter break.

How’s the weather in the Carolina’s this time of year? we’re going to be passing through on our way to Florida and are stopping in Charlotte, NC for the night.


As everyone else said- HOT, HOT, HOT.

Carolina’s are Hot also. We look forward to and do the Happy Dance if it is in the 80’s.