Which is better?


The orange chicken at Lotus Blossom Cafe or the honey chicken at Yak & Yeti?? DS wants to know because he’s choosing the “Asian fare” this time. He likes them both! :mickey:


I have no idea, but boy that sounds good. Looks like we have something new to try. :smile:


I had the honey chicken at Y&Y and loved it! Never had the orange chicken at LBC. Sorry.


Smeeeeeeee, I had the honey chicken at Yak & Yeti and I really liked it. :slight_smile: I don’t know anything about the Lotus Blossom though.


Ditto. Love the honey chicken :wub:


Great…Now I’m hungry :laugh:


Hmmm. Sounds like a lean toward the honey chicken . . . :smile:


Honey Chicken we had it too loved it.


I’ve had both and both are delicious… but I prefer the honey chicken!


A vote for the Orange Chicken. You get a huge portion for less than the price of the Honey Chicken at Yak & Yeti. Maybe I just got a bad batch of Honey Chicken - the flavour was nice, but the chicken was tough. (although I think the flavour of the Orange Chicken was nicer).


I just wanted to say that I love the Y&Y. I usually don’t even like asian food but that was one restaurant that me and my picky boys all loved!