Which is the Best Disney Planning Book?


I’ve seen posts similar to this before. However, I can’t seem to find them.

I’ve been a subscriber to TouringPlans.com - Plans which save you time and effort. When logging on just now, I was informed that my subscription expired. I have the option to renew my subscription on-line only or use a code given in an “Unofficial Guide…” book. Since I’ve heard so many wonderful things about these books, I’d like to buy one. In addition to the “Unofficial Guides…,” I’ve heard of Birenbaum’s books. I’d really prefer to get the complimentary access to TouringPlans. But, I’ll take your recommendations if you have another favorite? Which is the one that has folder compartments? Oh, and is 2006 the most recent edition?


There is a new one called “The Complete Walt Disney World” by Mike and Julie Neal. It has pictures and background info on every attraction.
The Unofficial guide is a good source for unbiased information.
Birnbaums is a good too, but it can be a little biased because it the official one that Disney releases.
Passporter by Dave and Jennifer Marx is a guide but also an organizer, and many people have found that helpful.
Deb Willis just released a new one called “Open Mouse” and it has information for any time of special need when traveling to WDW.

These are not guidebooks, but they are a lot of fun. The Walt Disney World Trivia book by Lou Mongello, and Hidden Mickey’s by Steve Barret.


My two favorites are the unoffical guide to WDW and passporter. Both are the best for different reasons. The unofficial for it’s loaded info and the passpporter for it’s interactive planner inside the book.


You know, you can get just as much information online as in any of those books, and lots more pictures. That being said, I’ve probably bought them all at one time or another! :laugh: Like me, you’ll probably find different advantages to different books.


I am a big fan of the Passporter Walt Disney World book.


I would ditto what Dana said, Passporter and Unofficial Guide.


I :wub: the Unofficial Guide! It’s entertaining and useful. I like to just have it around and get a quick fix whenever I need one.

But speaking of my Unofficial Guide… it was borrowed and I haven’t seen it for months! Hmmmmph! :glare:


I love the passporter!


‘Impatient’ is my middle name. I bought the Unofficial Guide already. Thanks everyone.


Pick this one up . . . it IS SO GOOD!!!

The Complete Walt Disney World" GREAT pics too!!

It’s by Julie and Mike Neal . . . they visited the parks 700 times in 5 years!!!


I agree with Suite Disney, I would research online and ask your questions here and get your info. Books are nice but they soon become outdated.


Passporter and the Unofficial are my favorites. BTW~does anyone know when the 2008 Unofficial will be released?


It has been released. I bought it. It is on Barnes & Nobles (BN).com for $14.


The unofficial is a good one… glad you bought it! We love it!


Thanks! I will have to pick one up this weekend. I have ordered my 2008 Passporter.


I think online is pretty much as good as any book and cheaper. Plus, you get actual unbiased guests opinions. If you want REALLY good reviews on everything tho…try the Walt Disney World Zaggat Guide. I bought the 2007 one for 75 cents off half.com. When I am jonesing for some WDW I read it =)


the unofficial released in August…2nd week of if I remember correctly. The 2009 version will not doubt be out before I go on my next trip in August. It does not inlcude any of the new DDP changes…they went to press before they released the new info. They do have updates on their website however for things that change after they go to press.


We really like the Unofficial Guide. The Passporter is very good. But I was really impressed with the Complete Walt Disney World!! I’m guessin’ we’ll end up taking all three with us, which sounds pretty redundant, but they all have good stuff in them! :happy:


There is no such thing as to many WDW guides books…how can you possibly have to much information and opinions on that place. So many things to do, so many ways to do it and so many opinions on both…get all three.


Um, already HAVE all three. The question is, should we TAKE all three with us when we go?! :blink: :laugh:
Oh, and we have the Birnbaum WDW Dining Guide (2008, of course)
And the Hidden Mickeys book.

Oy vey. I’ll need an entire suitcase just for the books. :happy: