Which is your


Which is your absolute FAVORITE meal on property? You can only pick one place to eat at WDW…where is that one place? and…which is your FAVORITE character meal? Only one pick and why.

Sum it up: favorite meal on property and favorite character meal. Must be a place that your entire family agrees on.

For me and my DD, the total package and must do meal for us is Ohanna. It’s the favorite we agree on. We both have our individual favorites of course, but this is the one we have to do. Our favorite and must-do character meal is Crystal Palace for breakfast. We have done this every trip except for the year is was closed. It’s tradition…I have a picture of DD with pooh from every meal we had. So cool to watch her grow up in the photos.


Well a little Bias I guess but being Canadian and all
AND the fact that the Steak is FAbulous LeCellier is my pick

Not that being said I like to add that a close 2nd is Tony’s
Food was quite good. If you get Claude as your server it makes the experience all the better.


For us it’s Boma, but it has to be on the night they are serving ribs. I love the food there and being that I don’t eat meat, I always have a multitude of choices.


Chefs De France - Great food, Great service and Remy

Ohana’s character breakfast, Great food


We are California Grill fans… best night in all of WDW is a perfect 7:45 reservation, followed by fireworks viewing from the back terrace. The food and wine list are fabulous, including the sushi!

For a character meal, we also enjoy Crystal Palace for breakfast… love the rom!


Crystal Palace for breakfast and for dinner/lunch its Germany.


Character Meal would be 1900 Park Fare B’fast. Can’t say that we have a non-character meal yet as we’re still trying out new places ea trip but I can say a must do is Ghirradelli’s on the way out.


Wow. This is hard.:huh: BEST meal…hmmm…

I think I have to go with Chefs de France, because it is the one place we can all agree on and enjoy. We always have trouble finding something our resident vegetarian (DD1) will like.

Character meal? I haven’t been to one in ages…I’d have to say the Ohana Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch - because it’s been the most recent, the food was good and the company was great.:happy:


For us it’s Crystal Palace for breakfast… We’ve gone every since time we’ve gone down, and it’s one of the first things my DD asks "We’re doing Crystal Palace right?’


good one…we like going there as well. Rib night is the only night we go too. Those ribs are TO DIE FOR!


I don’t even need a minute to think about it-

Favorite Meal - Lunch @ Teppan Edo in Japan- Epcot- food, service & location are all AMAZING! Even my MIL, who orders chicken tenders WHEREVER we go, loved the food!

Favorite Character Meal- Dinner at CRT- I know, I know, very limited character interaction but the food was WONDERFUL! & I mean, really, how can you beat eating in Cinderella’s castle?!?


Flying Fish Cafe.
We only ever did Crystal Palace for character meal. I guess it was most agreeable with us.


THE Filet @ Le Cellier with the mushroom risoto is my absolute favorite!!!


Ohanna. I love the variety you get, but it’s a sit down dinner.

Breakfast - Crystal Palace hands down. Starting your day with a quiet walk down main street, wonderful meal and pooh characters. Fantastic.


Hmmm… hard question. It’ll have to be Artist Point: Penn Cove Braised Mussels, followed by the Salmon entree, followed by whatever overly-chocolate thing is on the menu at the time. (But I came thisclose to naming Tangierine Cafe’s chicken/lamb schwarma platter as my all-time best!)

Crystal Palace breakfast for character meal. But I’m happy any time I can eat bagels, cream cheese, and lox… and bacon.



This is a tough one…:blink:

but our family agrees, as of know, our favorite is Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue… we all have suck a great time there…

Character meal would have to be Cinderella’s Royal Table…


We’d have to say best character meal Ohana’s and best dinner Ohana’s what can I say we love the place!!!


I would have to say California Grill. We have done our past 3 wedding anniversaries at CG and they have never failed to make it totally special.

Second would have to be any meal at Kona Cafe. Just fantastic food.

Third, easily Cinderella’s Royal Table. That is just a fantastic experience no matter what.


Favourite character meal is 1900 Park Fare for dinner, I just love the step mother and sisters! I have to give more thought to favourite meal.


Le Cellier :wub: