Which MBer will be first?


Who will the the first Mouse Buzzer to stay at Bay Lake Towers?

My guess is DVC Mike who spends more time in a DVC unit than his “other” home. :laugh:

I’m booked for 9/3-6 then again 12/10-14.


I will be there 9/5-9/14. Can’t wait!!


I am almost positive that 2ndStar is going to be the first, I think she’s booked to go in August.


I have no idea, but whoever it is better give us a very detailed trip report! :laugh: :happy:


I just can’t wait to read the first set of reviews…and see pics!!!


We aren’t staying there but we are going opening day (since we’ll be at wdw) and we are checking it out!!


Our family will be in a 1 bedroom Magic Kingdom View villa on the night of August 30th after our first Disney Wonder cruise. :goofybounce:


Well leave a beer in the fridge with my name on it. :laugh: And the pressure is off me for the trip report. :rolleyes:


I wish but we are going in Oct.


OH! Who the heck was I thinking about that was going in August. :huh:


Exactly what I was going to respond!! There is some serious pressure on the first…I want all the details!!!


I’m checking into BLT on August 14 for a brief 2-night stay. It will be a park-free trip. I’ll be spending all my time at BLT and Kidani Village.


Wow your mental powers are amazing. Just thinking about someone going in August made DVC Mike plan a trip. Can you think real hard about me winning the lottery?:laugh:


haha, I can only use my powers once a day. :laugh:


Ditto homies!


Looks like I nailed my guess.

My new goal in life is to have more points than Mike. :whistling


YOU got it and HERE is the proof…

[QUOTE=DVC Mike;969626]Couldn’t wait until December…to see BLT in person.

So I called DVC MS today and booked a quick 2-night stay at BLT on August 14-16. I got a 1-BR with a Bay Lake View. I go back in December in a 1-BR with a Magic Kingdom View, so it will be nice to experience both. [/QUOTE]

Now if I plan a birthday trip, maybe I can bet him by a week. :tongue:


Since DVCMike will beat me by a couple of weeks I’ll let him take care of the beer AND the pressure! :biggrin:


@ Mr. Carmichael and DVC Mogul - get a life you two :laugh:


Says the person with a post count second only to Dana. :whistling

I’m booked for Sept laborday weekend at BLT, BWV/AKV/cruise in October, and Dec trip back at BLT.

What I need is a 2nd job to pay for more points. :eek: Why I’ve only got a couple hundred left to last me until 8/2010!!! :crying: I’m starting to shake. Don’t know if it’s coffee DTs or low points.