Which Miniature Golf Course?


Fantasia Gardens and Winter Summerland.

I do plan on playing one of the courses on my trip in Jan. Any suggestions on which is the most challenging course.:confused:


No, but I cant wait for you to get back and tell us how it was as I want to do this in May.


I prefer Winter Summerland…


I have only played at Fantasia Gardens…and really liked it. I think I remember reading here on MB that it is the more challenging of the two, but I’m not sure.


the most challenging is fantasia gardens, we like fantasia gardens better because of the theme


The Fantasia courses are much harder than Winter/Summerland.
I don’t recall which of the two Fantasia courses is harder.


We played Winter/Summerland for the first time last Sept. It was cute, but not as good as Fantasia. Don’t think we’ll go back to W/S Land again. At Fantasia the “regular” mini course is to your right - it’s so much fun - and the “challenging” (actually they say it’s pretty difficult) is to your left.


I think we played the left course…not sure though, it’s been a while.


Fantasia Gardens is harder but not nearly as much fun as Winter/Summerland in my opinion.


Fantasia Gardens is soooooo cool!


We prefer Fantasia Gardens. In addition to the cute course at FG, they also have a difficult course for avid golfers, minus any cutsie decorations.


Thanks Guys…then Fantasia Gardens it will Be!!


Would a 5 year old be ok to particaipate in Miniature golf at one of these courses? Our DD adores Miniture Golf over here and has asked if Disney has any courses. We said they do but I just want to know if they would mind a little one playing? I read in the Unofficial guide that the new course Winter Dummerland is better for families with pre teens in the party as the holes are much easier than those at Fantasia gardens but at the same time I have heard that it not a par ( sorry for the pun :laugh: ) on Fanastia gardens also and that that that is by far the better one to play.


Yes - I’d say Winter/Summerland is easier - but somehow, for us - it wasn’t as much fun as Fantasia. We love Fantasia and it’s perfect for any age. The holes MAY be a little more challenging - but this is mini golf - if it’s too hard for us, we just cheat.:laugh: We love the theming at Fantasia and all the “surprises”. We had fun at Winter/Summerland - but Fantasia is our pick.


winter/summerland is easier compared to fantasia gardens. both courses are fun but fantasia gardens are more of a challenge. there are a few holes where you have to put the golf ball up the hill and get it over these obstacles to get it to the top. very tricky stuff. winter/summerland is pretty simple and lots of fun. go with winter/summerland.


You probably want to stay on property, but just in case you decide to go off-property for a quick rond, there is a really cool mini golf course called Pirate’s Cove in the Crossroads Shopping Center directly outside the gates on 535. It is really fun!!! Just go into the center and past Gooding’s to the very back of the lot. You can see the whole course from I-4.

It’s nice for the times when the Disney courses are crowded.