Which Moderate and why


Hi all

I am looking into all my options this year.

I’d love to see a vote on the Moderates, and why you picked that one.



I like POFQ for the small size. No matter where your room is you are close to everything.


I voted POR. Loved it! Small, quiet, relaxing…nuff said.


I’m going to POFQ in July for the first time, for its size and atmosphere. Everything I’ve heard about it makes it my choice among the moderates.


I have stayed at both the CBR and CSR and although they are both beautiful resorts they are HUGE!! I keep hearing what a nice, quiet, small resort the POFQ is and I’ve seen the resort pictures on allears.net so even though I haven’t stayed there (yet!!) my vote goes to POFQ.


POFQ hands down. They are all nice, but POFQ is small, very quaint. You do share a bus stop with POR (still Dixie’s Landing to us), but you are the first stop on most of the runs, so seating is not bad. The food court is good, and the pool is nice. POR and POFQ also share boat transportation to / from DtD, which is very convenient. CBR and CSR are nice, but just too big and spread out for us.


We have stayed at POR and CBR, and we enjoyed both very much. POR is a family fave and we continue to go back to wallow in its greatness…

However, we have been to POFQ, and it is absolutely terrific. When you stay at one PO resort, you can enjoy both of them, which is a nice treat. Great boat service to DTD, and we enjoy the bus service.

CBR puts you in teh tropical vacation mood as soon as you pull in. We stayed in the Jamaica buildings, which was perfect.

We have visited family at CSR, and we found the resort and the restaurants were not to our liking, though it has a lot of fans.


we love POR. Lush and green and quiet. The atmosphere cannot be beat. Boat to DTD! :wink:


I love love POR its my favorite moderate


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I’am a CSR guy, but I have also stayed at POFQ and understand why more people pick it.


POFQ - just loved the place.


We like PORR because mainly of it size. The Alligator Bayou is quiet at night and when you stroll thru the area you feel that you are in the bayou with all the cricket cripping. Even through it beening fed thru speakers. There are more things to do there than there are at POFQ. We love strolling around the resort at night.


POFQ is small and beautiful! Its def. my favorite!


French Quarter is only around 1000 rooms while the other three are all over 2000 rooms. The downside to French Quarter is that they share all of their buses except Magic Kingdom with Riverside but at least you’re the first stop when you return, except for the DTD bus which runs the 4 Riverside stops first and then does French Quarter. Also, currently French Quarter does not have a table service restaurant, only the food court.


My favorite of all of them has been French Quarter- the buildings were fabulous and the feel of the whole resort was much more quaint than the others. I did not care at all for cbr - too big and we were far from absolutely everything.


You know, that really is one of the most magical aspects of POR isn’t it Iris? We always request Alligator Bayou, because after a day at the parks, DH loves to feel lke he is really away from it all. And that landscaping over at Alligator Bayou really feels like you are in the bayou, even though the bus stop is 50 yards away! LOL

And when you walk aroudn the property, and there are reeds and waterlillies and ivy and flowers and thick grass and mossy winding paths and secret playgrounds, and all that. Well, if we happened upon a resort like POR at some location besides WDW, we would STILL think we had found a treasure!


We have stayed at POR, POFQ, and CBR. I know I’m in the miniority but I would choose CBR. We love it! FQ is nice with a great pool but we had a bad experience with Mousekeeping in May so that will be out for us from now on. We love the atmosphere at CBR and with the new Pirate pool being built that will get us to go back.


I’ve done both sides of Port Orleans, and I really loved FQ much better. The only thing you miss from Riverside is a full service restaurant, which we didnt care for anyway when we ate there. FQ is small, and charming, and the pool/rec area is awesome. Also, Since they are sister resorts, you can stay at one and play at the other one day if you wish. Another tidbit to keep in mind is that both Riverside and FQ usually share buses to the parks, but FQ is almost always the first to get picked up on the way there (so you actually get a seat) and the first to drop off (so you don’t have to go for a long useless ride at the end of a long day in the park). That experience also affects my opinion greatly!


I voted CSR - and thats because its my fave, theming wise. I love the grounds so much too.

Theming and environment is important to me. I think the other mods are equally as fab amenities wise, and a little walking at CSR doesn’t bother me, so I go on theming.