Which Moderate Resort?


Yay! We just decided to plan a trip in January to take advantage of the Free Dining. We’ve always stayed Value but are considering Moderate because of the money we’re saving. I’m leaning towards POR. But I want to ask the experts. Which moderate?


We’ve stayed at POR and Coronado Springs, and I can def say I like CS better.


How funny! I didn’t even see the other thread from a couple days ago. :redface:

Guess I’ll check that out


I have stayed at the Caribbean Beach and that was very nice. My mo recently stayed at Coronado Springs and she said she really liked it and the bed were nice and big. Personally, I have always wanted to stay at POFQ! It just looks so nice and cozy plus they have fishing and i am sold on fishing not to mention carriage rides and the boats to DTD. That just sounds awesome to me!!! Hope that helped!


What’s the best section to request at each of the moderates? Not for a preferred room, just a standard.


I’d recommend CSR!! Besides having a great main pool area, CSR also offers many deluxe amenities at a mod price.

CSR has queen beds while the other mods have doubles like the values. The rooms have been recently renovated and are gorgeous.

CSR has a fitness center, spa, tanning beds, a sauna, salon, full menu room service and a night club.

CSR has a sliding wooden door separating the sink area from the room instead of a privacy curtain like the other mods.

CSR has the same toiletries as the deluxes (except GF). CSR has separate shampoo and conditioner instead of the shampoo/conditioner combo at the other mods and values (a small thing, I know, but it means I don’t have to pack shampoo and conditioner).

CSR has the largest hot tub of the mods and one of the longest pool slides on Disney property. The pool, slide and playground area is great.

CSR has terrific transportation that is not shared with any other resort.

Check out these CSR sites below.


I am always going to choose POFQ for this category. Please feel free to read my Trip report and view my pictures. It’s seriously is the best moderate in my opinion.


Our family has stayed at all of the moderates and we like POFQ the best. It has a small cozy feel and you are not walking miles to get to the lobby, food court, or bus stations. We like to request building 2 or 5. They are both standard and they are close to both the pool and lobby.


we are taking CBR for Dec 2010!


POR-- French Quarter or Caribbean Beach Resort, they are both awesome!!


Still CSR for the queen sized beds and POFQ for the relative smallness.


We prefer the Coronado also. I love the queen size beds…very comfy! I also like the wooden door dividers separating the dressing area from the rest of the room. Very cool pool slide.


I remmember a lot of walking @ CB and I enjoyed the pool slide @CS. I would go to CS again.


We did CS on one trip, we didn’t like it…too much walking for us and we didn’t have good mouskeeping or anyone else for the matter. That was acouple years ago too.
I would love to stay at POFQ but we haven’t got a chance yet, i always hear good things about that resort.


We’ve tried Port Orlean’s/FQ and Coronado Springs and this year is Caribbean Beach. Loved both PO and CSR. We’ve heard nice things about all 3 Moderates. More walking @ Caribbean Beach but we both love walking so it doesn’t bother us.

We are really eager to find our very own Home Resort and go there each year. If we really love Caribbean Beach in september it might just be the one.