Which Moderate


Ok, so we are starting to plan an adult trip to WDW. I know the DH and I are going and we have a few friends that are interested. If only certain go, we are looking at AKL (one friends choice), our choice any with a monorail. However, if some of the others go, we are looking into the moderates.

We just stayed at POFQ and loved it. I was thinking of trying Coronado Springs, however, am now seeing so not so great reviews. Would you stay at POFQ or CBR?

Also, we have some friends that would be a budget and I know that they usually offer free dining in Sept. is that offered at all resorts? Or do only certain resorts guests qualify for free dining? If one couple goes we would be doing Sept. to keep the price resonable for them, if not it doesn’t matter as we would not be going in Sept.


Well, I have been going back and forth for a month now on which moderate to stay in. And yesterday I changed our ressies to POFQ from CSR. I have stayed POR in the past and loved it. I too am hoping for the free dining in September. Not much help I guess.



We have stayed at POR many times, and we have also been to CBR. Here are my thoughts:

POFQ is small and has a really cool Mardi Gras theme. The beignets in the food court are fresh and fabulous, and the pool area is not to be believed. This place is beautiful!!! Like POR, you can take a really cool boat ride to Marketplace/DTD, and you have total exchange privileges at POR. Do not believe what you will hear about bus service… for us, it has never been a problem.

POR is our favorite. Piano Bar Bob is a great draw in the lobby, the pool and playscape are really fun and it has a great outdoor bar for nighttime relaxing. Thera are two sides – one looks like a rustic country area (we love it!) and the other looks like Southern Mansions. There is a magical feeling for our family here.

CBR is tropical and relaxing. We were in Jamaica, which was perfect. Aruba would also be nice. The pool is a great Port Royal theme, and the food court was just across a bridge from our building. The room felt huge, and the bus service was fine, though a tiny bit long on its way around the resort. You check in at an outdoor lobby by the entrance to the resort, which is really cool.

I have only been to CSR to visit family staying there. It was not to my taste, but it has a lot of die-hard fans who adore it and they will be along shortly to tell you about it! The pool there is unbelievably beautiful.


POFQ hands down over CBR.


We love POFQ! We’ve stayed at every Mod except CBR, and POFQ is absolutely our favorite. We enjoy the fun Mardi Gras theming, but really love the small size. Everything is very convenient & quick and easy to get to.


DH didn’t like POR, so we are going to stay at CBR… I was pushing for the poly but it ain’t going to happen.

Where ever you stay just keep in mind… YOUR GOING TO DISNEY!!!


cbr gets my vote


POFQ is by far our favorite!


We stayed at CBR twice before so that has to get our vote


Sorry about the highjack, but just wanted to say that I’m glad to see some good thoughts regarding CBR since we are giving it a try in less than a month.


I’d take French Quarter over Caribbean Beach or Coronado Springs, just for the smaller size. The only drawback to French Quarter is the shared bus with Riverside to all parks except MK. But, CBR has a 4 stop loop on it’s grounds, so it’s a toss up there. Not sure about Coronado Springs, if they have just one stop or a loop, again because of the size of the property.


Coronado Springs also has a loop.


We really enjoyed FQ, maybe we will stay there again. I liked the fact that it was small and everything was close. How far is the walk on Riverside? To the bus, the pool, laundry, etc?


There are perks, benefits and drawbacks to each of the hotels in any category at WDW.

Coronado is the newest of the moderates. Personally, I think they have the best pool between the other moderate hotel choices. I also prefer the layout of Coronado and Caribbean Beach to the other two choices. The drawback is definitely eating. You can figure that out if you go there!

Caribbean Beach was recently renovated. The rooms are the biggest of the four hotels. I prefer the food court at Caribbean vs. the other four (except the don’t take the dining experience which is a drawback for me). The hotel also features a sitdown restaurant open from 5pm to midnight. Landscape wise, Caribbean Beach is beautiful. Caribbean Cay is a wonderful place to checkout and lounge around in. Also, they have a pool bar that is open 'til midnight… That’s one of the biggest perks! The drawback is the small pool and waterslide. Oh well, that gets rehabbed in '08.

POFQ is my least favorite of the moderates. It is smaller and has a more intimate feeling to it (which a lot of people prefer). When I say FQ is my least favorite, it is still a wonderful resort; so don’t take me wrong! They share a lot with Riverside which is kinda cool. The pool is nicer than Caribbean Beach, but (to me) nowhere near as nice as Coronado or even Riverside. Food court only here, no sitdown restaurant since Bonfamille closes years and years ago. Even though it’s my least favorite, I’d highly recommend staying at the resort! It is a pretty resort and I like the New Orleans atmosphere, but I do prefer the other three.

Riverside, last but not least! I love Riverside. I prefer Coronado, but stay at Riverside more often (go figure!). The pool is nice, has a waterfall, and is big! Riverside is a huge resort, they also offer horse drawn carriage rides that are great for the romantics! Boatwrights is the biggest perk and one of the best breakfast restaurants on WDW property. Layout wise, the resort is big and features the mansions and bayou areas. It’s a beautiful resort, but doesn’t compare to Coronado or Caribbean Beach. Still, I love Riverside and stay there often.

All the moderates offer virtually the same thing. Each resort has a food court, pool with hot tubs and waterslides and are a nice step up from the value resorts. The question of which one is a matter of personal preference. Riverside gives you a full service restaurant for breakfast and dinner. Caribbean Beach gives you a full service restaurant for dinner only, plus a pretty sweet pool bar! French Quarter give the most intimacy and less rooms for better transportation (not mentioned above). Coronado is the newest and has the nicest waterslide which makes it my favorite pool.

So, my suggestion is to stay at them all! I really enjoy staying at a different hotel each time we visit. We never do the same thing twice. Variety is the spice of life, so they say! If you haven’t stayed at AKL and that is a viable option… I’d definitely stay there over the moderates. In the moderate Category, I don’t know where the bad reviews are coming from. Coronado is a very nice resort. CBR is probably the outcast, and I have read more negative reviews recently about that resort. We just stayed there at the begining of Oct and was very happy. My recommendation goes to Coronado Springs first, Riverside second, CBR third and I wouldn’t even consider FQ as you recently stayed there. There’s my two cents! Sorry for the novel, but I hope it helps out in some small way!!!