Which month is better?


ok, I am trying to figure out which month is better to take the kids and me,of course, to Disney.I am thinking about March or April. I know they are busy times. Which month is the best time to go? I know it is around spring break and Easter,That makes it vey busy,but there must be a not so busy time at some point in that time frame.We will be in orlando in May (at the end ) for one week,but probably will not to any theme parks then.We will be at a time share.Any way, I thought I might take the little ones befor then to hit the parks when it is not so hot. Your input would be helpful.


we went in the middle of may. the weather was beautiful, and the crowds were light. plus EPCOT is all done up for the flower festival.


I personally have never been there in May but I have heard this is a wonderful time to to. It is after spring break but before school lets out.

Whatever you do, have fun!

Lisa :mickey:


We’ve done May two years in a row and I’m hooked for all the reasons Chris24 listed. If I had to choose between March and April I would choose March. I just wouldn’t want to risk being surrounded by spring breakers my whole trip.


Depneds which month easter is in this year. Which ever it is, go the opposite.


Yeah,I have been in May the past 2 years. It is great then. But, I want to take the kids before then and don’t know when.I want to avoid the colder months.


I would avoid Easter at all costs. We are looking at around St. Patrick’s Day and hoping it will be moderately crowded.


I agree with Dana. You need to check the calender and find out when Easter is. Then go the other month. And definately, find out as much as you can regarding Spring Break times. You definately do NOT want to be there then. Other than that, the weather should be very good either month. May is one of our favorite times, of course, because of the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot.

Editing to mention something I forgot. I believe that the Festival at Epcot (the flower and garden) actually begins in April, so you might want to factor that in as well. Epcot is never more beautiful!!


If any of the family are into baseball then go in March when you can see Spring training at Wide World of Sports. May be the best chance ever to take husband/kids to see Braves v Yankees.


I agree, get as far from Easter as you can. We went in late May last spring and it was great. The weather was great and the crowds were so much lighter than July when we usually go.


I like it in Feb… Thats my opinion…


Beginning of March. I’m planning my next trip for the first week in March and, per my research, that’s an off time. Presidents day just ends and you aren’t into spring break yet. Keep in mind, most colleges have spring break in March but I don’t know how that would affect WDW.