Which "never tried" restaurants should we try?


I am feeling A LOT of PDD lately and even though I can’t make ADRs for our October trip until April 11th I was thinking it would be nice to try a couple restaurants neither of us have ever done before.

So, if you had to pick TWO from this list, which two do you think we should try? and why?

OK, these are all the restaurants D & I have never eaten at on WDW property:

  • the NEW Tusker House- AK park
  • Yak & Yeti table service (we tried the CS)- AK park
  • Garden Grill (Dan has never been, I did once a LONG time ago)- EPCOT
  • Akershus (haven’t been since it turned “Princesses”)- EPCOT
  • Teppan Edo (haven’t been since the refurb)-EPCOT
  • Tutto Italia (haven’t been since the change)- EPCOT
  • Cape May Cafe -Beach Club
  • Mickey’s Backyard Bar-b-Que: Fort Wilderness
  • Grand Floridian Cafe: Grand Floridian
  • Olivia’s Cafe: Old Key West
  • Garden Grove character dinner buffet @ the Swan
  • Artist Point - Wilderness Lodge
  • Yachtsman Steakhouse - Yacht Club
  • Bongo*s Cuban Cafe- DtD


I would say:

  1. Yak & Yeti - menu sounds really good
  2. Teppan Edo - loved our meal there (b/f refurb) and the atmosphere is nice change from other restaurants

my 3rd choice would be: the Italy restaurant - menu sounds good, interesting to see what the changes are like


Dave and I once decided to leave MK and go eat at the GF Food Court one day for lunch because MK was packed but we ended up at the Grand Floridian Cafe and it was AMAZING! We even got a discount with our annual pass…they have this sandwhich there that is covered in cheese…it’s a diet nightmare waiting to happen but I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEED it! Plus it was so nice and peaceful (and cold! It was a summer trip so we were supa hot!). You should try that for lunch if you get a chance!


Sadly for me . . . I voted I haven’t tried any, 'cept after I voted I realized we did do the Garden Grill in November and we REALLY enjoyed it! :wub:

This is what I love about this site . . . you just gave me a list to try!! :laugh: I did go into the GF cafe, but it was July and it was busting at the seams with people so we didn’t stay!


I can’t suggest which two to try but I voted to try two new places. We’re all about expanding our horizons. We actually haven’t been to any of them on your list. :redface: We’re trying three or four of them for the first time, though!:happy:


I just put my thought on the ones that I thought sounded interesting. Good luck picking. I always think any Disney Dining is good Dining.

  • Mickey’s Backyard Bar-b-Que: Fort Wilderness-Sounds like a really fun time. Kind of like Whispering Canyon.

  • Grand Floridian Cafe: Grand Floridian-Bella said it’s got a tasty cheesy sandwich so it’s now a must in my book

  • Olivia’s Cafe: Old Key West-Sounds really tasty and now I want to eat there.

  • Artist Point - Wilderness Lodge-The food just sounds really interesting and different

  • Bongo*s Cuban Cafe- DtD-Whatever you do don’t eat here. Perhaps being born and raised in S FL I am biased, but the food is Pollo Tropical quality, nothing authentic. But that’s just my opinion.


Definitely try something new! Why not? It’s just one meal, and you might find something you love.

Me, I’m a big fan of Artist Point. The braised mussels appetizer is amazing! :wub:


I’m reserving my vote on this until I get back since I’ll be trying 3 of those places next week ~ Cape May Cafe, Tutto Italia and Tusker House Buffet.


I posted my thoughts in RED above.
I think you should do Grand Floridian Cafe and Artist Point!

  • Teppan Edo (haven’t been since the refurb)-EPCOT Loved to eat here before the changes, so I am looking forward to trying it again!!! We have had some really delicious sushi here too!

  • Tutto Italia (haven’t been since the change)- EPCOT I was one of the folks who thought the marinara sauce at Alfreo’s was sensational. Try this place and review it! Or you could head over to the Dolphin and eat at il Mulino. MMMMmmmmm.

  • Cape May Cafe -Beach Club If you are pressed for space on your ADR card, I think you could skip this one… It is a nice buffet, but you live an hour from the real thing!

  • Mickey’s Backyard Bar-b-Que: Fort Wilderness Something different to try! Nice change of scenery, and something cool to put in your lengthy and picture-filled TR!!

  • Artist Point - Wilderness Lodge Great food and service. A little too high end for us though… we like a little more casual, relaxed places. We kept wanting to go over to WC, where we could hear singing and laughing!


I’m going to suggest:

Tutto Italia… cause it is refrubed, and I’m on an Italian kick right now.

Artist Point… It is at my favorite resort. Nice, quiet, relaxing after a day in park, nice menu.


If you have already been to Teppan Edo before refurb it really is no different. the decor is different and the lobby has been changed but other than that it is no different, at least imho. I’d suggest try two of the others.


Oh good, I can’t wait to hear about those!!


Yeah, that’s what I was wondering. We eat at a local place called “SaWa” that is the same concept so I am feeling that maybe Teppan Edo might not feel like a special WDW treat anymore.


Good point about the backyard bar-b-que. We all know how much I LOVE Fort Wilderness & Daniel had a great time at hoop-dee-doo!! I wonder how the food is at the bar-b-que.

I agree, we tend to want to have more of a “fun Disney meal” than anything serious-sack. Although, I am just surprised I’ve never been to Artist Point before. I was dissapointed we never made the time to eat a special dinner at Napa Rose in Disneyland, so maybe this would make me feel better. :laugh:


wow- I have never eaten at any of those either! I am thinking on either cape may or yahtsman for my anniversary dinner in May- I dont know what to say but I do suggest you try something new- there are a lot or great reviews from some of them like Artist point- give it a shot?


tutto italia for sure, and i’d just wing the 2nd one.

  • Akershus - EPCOT We enjoyed the breakfast, but not high on our list for lunch/dinner.
  • Teppan Edo -EPCOT Loved it before the refurb and looking forward to going again.
  • Olivia’s Cafe: Old Key West Father-in-law would walk a mile for the pancakes!
  • Artist Point - Wilderness Lodge Finest “date night” dinner we ever had - if it’s in your plans, go late and enjoy it.


I’ll refrain from specific feedback - opinions are important, but I think trying new places is the fun part of vacation. We are a few favorites, but we try to schedule a few new places each visit.

Our new places for March: Garden Grill, Boma, and we finally decided to try the Royal Table lunch at MK.


The only two restaurants I’ve eaten in on your list are Bongo’s and Mickey’s Backyard BBQ and I love them both!! The BBQ is just a lot of outdoor fun with characters and great all-American favorite food. Bongo’s is the total opposite with some great good, atmosphere and don’t forget the drinks!!