Which new DVC resort has you the most excited?


So many new DVC resorts in the last year, it is getting hard to keep up. Surely, more to come as well. Which new DVC resort has you the most excited to visit?


I think AKL is the most exciting for me. I am crossing my fingers that DH will have a change of heart when he sees the resort this time.
Send pixie dust everyone, please :blush:


Disney Hawaii for sure! I’m not DVC yet but when we are ready to buy this well be the clincher with DH!


Ithink the possibly of the Contemporary DVC… that’s one of my favorites


Contemporary DVC for me!


AKL of course.


AKV - We actually put a down payment from our June trip, but was holding out until I knew what was going on with my job (company got bought out), then within a few weeks after that, DH calls and says “guess what!” His company was for sale, and would be bought out. So…sadly, we requested our down payment back, until we know whether we have jobs once everything goes through. Once that’s all done and over with, AKV - here we come!!!


Mickey!!! I really want to go to Hawaii!!! … let us know when you start booking them!


I am a little behind the times here… Are you serious??? DVC Hawaii???
Really??? Wow! Hubby will be so psyched!!!


The Con…Tem…por…ary.:smile:


noooo, really? we would have never guessed :biggrin:


If I WAS a DVC member, it would definitely be Hawaii. I’d love to go there!


I can’t wait to stay in Animal Kingdom!


I picked Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas even though I’m not a DVC member but that would excite me if I was


Contemp DVC may get me to join?:phone:


Probably my only chance to stay in a monorail resort - The Contemporary.


The Contemporary DEFINITELY!!! I keep talking about it to DH and he’s listening…by the time it opens, we might be able to afford it! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Disney Hawaii DVC??? I didn’t even know…


I will say AKL, we still have not stayed there and we really want to stay Savannah side and then I would have to say the staying on the Monorail would be pretty great. But I really need to see HAWAII too! :laugh:


Contemporary. My son really wants to stay there.