Which of these Moderate would you choose in February!


Our family hope to stay in the Port Orleans French Quarter! Because our family didn’t stay in that hotel before!


I thought you already booked your trip at POFQ, are you thinking about changing resorts?


FQ is great . . . but we’ve had fun at CSR the last two times we were there!

And if you are driving to the parks . . . it’s super easy access to them ALL!


I chose Fort Wilderness Cabins because I absolutely love how close it is to MK and because of the resorts atmosphere


I said POFQ after walking around it last time, I wanted to stay there. We have stayed at CBR and CSR we like them also.


I choose Coronado Springs. It seems like a really really nice resort with a great pool.


POFQ hands down. It’s our favorite mod. It has great atmosphere & theming, but the best part is that it’s really small and easy to navigate. It’s a quick walk to the food court, pool, etc. regardless of which building you end up in (because there are only 7 of them).


French Quarter is our fav.


DisneyTeacher our family are staying in POFQ! But my mom will call disney reservations next week!


I chose POR because it is a family favorite for a million reasons. POFQ is also lovely and you have access to both Port Orleans areas if you stay in either of them. NICE – like two resorts for the price of one.

CBR is also lovely. A brand new pool area and some buildings have room updates to Pirates and Nemo themes.

I don’t care for CSR, again for many reasons. I would choose any of the others first, and use CSR as a last choice.


French quarter…I’m alway going to pick that one.:wub:


CBR is our favorite and the pool was just refurbished.


Voted for POFQ. It is small and quaint. Well themed. Good bus access, with most of the runs, POFQ being first to be picked up, and first to be dropped off. Water access to DtD. Very nice food court, a lounge with live music 4 nights a week.


that’s is my favorite part in POFQ the music!


I voted FQ because it’s the smallest of the mods; has boat access (in addition to bus access) to DTD; and I believe is first on the bus stops (before POR).


awesome place to stay POFQ!


I love CBR, we have only stayed at CBR and CSR in the moderate catagory. Both were great but I really loved how close CBr was to EPCOT and HS. I have heard that POFQ is really nice too but I have heard that POR is a little difficult to navigate. Good Luck!!


Also voted for POFQ, especially since it’s Mardi Gras time in February. We’ve only stayed at CSR, which we liked and would do again, and we’re thinking of CBR soon because of the pirate theming (2 boys, you know). But POFQ has been on our list for several trips - we just haven’t been able to get in.


We have only stayed at CBR so I picked that but have always wanted to stay at POFQ and the cabins so maybe on another trip we will. Anything you pick you will love


I just loved the Coronado Springs when we stayed in 2003. The resort is beautiful. I’ve also stayed at the Carribean Beach and thought it was nice but maybe since we did not stay in a preferred location I thought I had to do a lot of walking. I really want to try POFQ because I’ve read a lot of positive feedback so that’s what I voted for.