Which of these two restaurants?


I need your opinion on which restaurant to choose for dinner. I have not eaten at any of them so I need you input. Our choices are Tony’s in MK or Kona at Poly. Please help my decision. Thanks


I love them both!

If I was going to choose 1, I would choose Kona. We tried Kona for the first time recently, and the whole family loved it. The food was great, the service was great. So great in fact, our waiter encouraged us to order a larger portion for my son, thinking he would not be satisfied with the smaller portion. He couldn’t begin to eat it all… so she totally took it off our bill. We didn’t want her to, but she did anyway… that is service!

We have thoroughly enjoyed Tony’s but it doesn’t get as great reviews as Kona. Still good food though, and our service was Super.


We love them both also. Tony’s’ keeps you in the MK, with a nice view, and then right back into the park. the food is good, and we have had great service there. Kona is equally good. Have had great food and service there, and it does get you away from the park for a little while, yet you are only 2 stops away from the MK by mono-rail. I think like Daisee, would have to vote for Kona


I haven’t been to Tony’s in years (I think 1997 was our last time) but we enjoyed it. We also like Kona, good food and good service. The only thing I think Kona lacks is a good atmosphere, it’s ok but I kind of feel like I’m in the lobby and it tends to be loud. Kona gets better reviews but I think they are both a good choice.


We’ve been to Tony’s but not Ohana…

Tony’s was just OK, and we’ve only been once. Usually, if we plan to dine in MK, we pick Liberty Tree Tavern, because its a character meal for my son and its not as crazy as the character breakfasts.


I agree with DT about the atmosphere of Kona-
But I like the food much better than Tony’s. We ate at Tony’s once and it was OK nothing special. Don’t think we would go back.
We really enjoyed Kona and would return.


Sorry, not Ohana, I meant Kona…


I like them both so do lunch at Kona and dinner at Tony’s!
Not necessarily in the same day, though you could.


[QUOTE=parkhopper;853372]We’ve been to Tony’s but not Ohana…

Tony’s was just OK, and we’ve only been once. Usually, if we plan to dine in MK, we pick Liberty Tree Tavern, because its a character meal for my son and its not as crazy as the character breakfasts.[/QUOTE]

Enjoy the characters while they last because after the first of the year the characters will no longer be at LTT.


We have been to Tony’s and really liked it.


I have nevery eaten at Tony’s so I would say Kona. My hubby and I had a wonderful late night dinner there last year with 2 sleeping kids. They gave us a booth in a quiet area so that one could sleep on the booth and one could sleep in the stroller. It almost felt like we were on a date with no kids!! They went out of there way to help us!! Food and Drinks were great!! Try it, you will not be disappointed!


Kona gets my vote too. I agree with DT, the atmosphere isn’t the best, but we always have a wonderful meal there, and oh boy, the desserts!! :slight_smile:


We like both, but I think Kona wins for us. The atmosphere of Tony’s is fun - but the atmosphere of Kona is friendly and relaxed too and I think the food is better.


Another vote for Kona!!! We liked Tony’s too. We had great service and the food wasn’t bad but the food at Kona, we thought, was so much better!


We have nevere been to either.
But we are trying Tony’s for the first time this year so that is my pick.


tony’s was good, but i’m excited to try Kona, so I’d choose Kona! Enjoy - and take lots of food pics for us!!


Hmmmm…I like Tony’s because of the ambience. Its a classic just like the movie for which it came from. I like some of the food, not all of it. For example, I liked the cannelloni and the eggplant, but was not impressed with the steak, calamari and their sauce. I absolutely LOVE:wub: the Tiramisu. Overall, IMHO this is a great place to eat if you don’t want to leave the park, but don’t expect fine Italian cuisine.

Kona on the other hand is one of those hidden jewels within a resort. There is always so much buzz around the ever so desired ADR at Ohana that Kona often gets overlooked. We loved almost everything we have ordered from this place. Last vacation we even ate here 2 or 3 times, I can’t even remember. I just know that my boys and DH loved the Teriyaki Steak so much they had to have it again and again. The restaurant itself sits in the middle of the resort in an open floor plan and dosen’t have the classic appeal that Tony’s has or so much the Tiki Party/Luau theme that Ohana’s offers. But without a doubt, Kona keeps in pace with those other heavy hitters in the service and food arena by providing great service and some fantastic entrees like the afore mentioned Teriyaki steak, Tuna Oscar and the Panko shrimp & scallops just to name a few.:wub:

So I guess in summary, I would pick Kona over Tony’s, however if not wanting to leave the park is a concern, don’t be concerned about choosing Tony’s, its a great alternative.

Thanks for letting me rattle on about my favorite subject…:blush::laugh:


Family likes both but if I had to choose just one.It would be Kona’s.Breakfast,lunch or Dinner.


OMGosh!!! Yes. Food Pics please!!!


We ate at both July '07 and I enjoyed the Kona hands down! Food is just okay at Tony’s as well as the service. We usually go there just to have a break from eating chicken or beef everyday.

The Kona has always been one of our favorites. I have never minded the atmosphere, but then I am easy to please when the food was so great!