Which on-site Rental Agency?


I typically use Hertz when I travel to Orlando, but I wanted to use one of their on-site rental agencies for an upcoming December vacation. Last year I used Avis but it seemed like we had to walk forever to get to the car - was wishing I had just hopped on the Hertz bus by the time we got to the car. Does anybody know if National or Alamo are less of a walk - more convenient?



National and Alamo (both owned by the same company now) are right outside the baggage claim - no need to hop a shuttle or walk miles for your car.

They are also right onsite at Disney (Alamo is the preferred car agency for Disney) and are at both the Disney Car Care Center and in the Walt Disney Swan. We usually rent for a couple of days, then drop off, then rent a one-way back to the airport with someone like Quicksilver. I hate dropping off a car before flying. I don’t know why, but I love having someone bring me right to the front doors and waving us ‘goodbye.’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks MickeyMac, I was hoping one of them would be closer to baggage claim than Avis.



We used L&M car rental this time. They were the least expensive onsite agency. They are in the main terminal and their cars are parked in the parking garage right outside. you can check them out on the web. Since they are a smaller agency, there usually is not a long line to check in or out and their prices were the best I found. If you book online you get the best rate plus a coupon for $10 off your rental. Check it out.


how do u get the 10 dollar coupon?


I usually use Hertz as well, but our last trip, I used Dollar, and it was great. No line, right there in the airport, nice cars. We were in and out both times we rented that trip in about 5 minutes. If you use Dollar, join their Fast Lane program, it will bypass any lines, and there is no cost.

I have used Alamo in the past, and I have had horrible experiences with them. I will never use them again, anywhere. The other thing is that since Alamo is now the rental car company of WDW, andy packages booked witha rental car will be through Alamo. Last time we were there, the line was about 200 people long, and not moving at all. Seems like that is always how it is there.


To get the L&M coupon -
On their home page select “Programs” then “Coupons”. You have to print out the coupon and take it with you to get the discount.


Yes I booked L & M and just printed the coupon myself. I have used them in the past and they are pretty good. I also have a reservation with Alamo for the same rate but I think I am going to stick with L & M since they are smaller and might be less hassle.


We got an excellent price from l&m thank you for the info!!!


Glad to be of help, after all, every penny saved is more to spend at WDW!!!