Which one, character breakfast, lunch or dinner?


Trying to decide which to do. We did CP last time, but would like to do a princess one this time while the DG’s are still young enough to enjoy them, 7&10. Which meal of the day is best? I am also interrested on ohana to. Do they have any characters? What other CM’s are good for my girls? (don’t do pooh anymore!darn!) Thanks a bunch!


Well, for the creme de la creme of character interaction, I think the Liberty Tree Tavern dinner is the best. I think the food is so-so, but for pictures and whatnot, it’s great. Also, for times of the year when the park closes early (between 5 and 7) you can get the latest seating and not get out until after the park is nearly empty. Very cool.

I haven’t been, but I’ve heard that Donald’s Breakfastosaurus in AK is a hoot.

Chef Mickey’s is highly regarded as an excellent Character Breakfast. I did it many years ago when it was still over at DTD, but I haven’t done it since it moved to the Contemporary. I’ve heard mostly good things about it.

Ohanas does not have any characters.

Hope that helps. :mickey:


We went to Ohana’s for a character breakfast in 2002…don’t they do it anymore? My 5 yo DD (now 8) absolutely LOOOOOOVED it and so did we.


OOPS!! My bad. :eek:

Ohana’s DOES have a CB. There are no characters at the Dinner.

Sorry about that. :blush:


Chef Mickey’s is a lot of fun, we have donw this several times and it is a family favorite.

With regards to costs, if you are on a tight budget, breakfast is always cheaper but as much fun as lunch or dinner.



As far as the Princesses go, the only time you can see them at CRT is for breakfast…same with the Princess Storybook breakfast at Epcot. 1900 Park Fare has Cinderella for dinner I am told, so that may be a nice option. 1900 Park fare, from what I remember, is a grat dinner. O’hanna’s does have a character breakfast and I have no info on that one sorry. I am trying it for the first time on my next trip. Hope this helps. :mickey:


Dana, Ohana’s character breakfast is nice, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Anyone knows how’s the 1900 Park Fare character breakfast? If have heard that it can be pretty noisy because it is a popular choice for kids. If this so? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.



My DD is 11 and does not like character breakfasts, so we do the dinners and Liberty tree tavern is a must do for us. There is a lot of character interaction, but I disagree wholeheartedly with Matt on the food. We all loved it, and found it to be very delicious and my 11 year-old DD couldn’t get enough of that gravy. Also the raspberry viniagrette dressing on the salad is delicious as well, and I am not a fan of raspberries. We are doing it again this year right before MNSSHP and I cannot wait. One month to go.


I suppose it depends. We went twice in May and didn’t find it noisy at all. We’ve already had a thread about disruptive kids, so I wont’ go there… :wink:

I think the 1900 is terrific! :mickey:


Whew!! Matt didn’t say anything about my comment disagreeing with him. :rolleyes: But then again maybe I just got lucky and he didn’t see it!! :tongue:


Thanks! I can’t wait to actually have a CB in the resort that I am staying in. I can roll out of bed and be surrounded by characters…lol and I not talking about my family…lol 1900’s dinner is very good, but I haven’t had the breakfast yet. I expect noise, so that never bothers me. I really don’t even notice it…maybe because me and my DD can be loud…lol Thanks for the info.


The 1900’s breakfast was quite good and we didn’t hear all that much noise at all compared to Chef Mickey’s in which Minnie every so often riles up the crowd. The 1900 is a buffet also which is better for us than ordering from a menu which CRT was(is it still?) when we were there last.


I saw it.

I figure if ya can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything… :rolleyes: :whistling

I think I’m just a food snob. :biggrin:


Lawwin, my DH, DD, and I also loved the food at the Liberty Tree tavern – it was actually our favorite character meal from our trip last December. :smile:

Tinkermommy, you might try dinner at 1900 Park Fair at the Grand Floridian – it has Cinderella and Prince Charming, Suzy and Perla (the mice), and the Fairy Godmother. We have always enjoyed the food at this restaurant, whether for breakfast or dinner.

In general, we prefer character dinners over breakfasts, because my DH and I don’t really get very hungry in the am, so we don’t feel like we can get our money’s worth at breakfast buffets – although I concede that it’s really the character interaction you’re paying the big bucks for. And DD is only 2.5 and we have to beg and plead with her to eat 3 times a day (does anyone else have a child like this who’s basically disinterested in food???), so she doesn’t care either way! :laugh:


When my DD was that age, I could never get her to eat. She went to day care at the time and I had to have several “talks” with the aids there because they would try and make her eat. I always told them that if she isn’t hungry, then she doesn’t have to eat. She was hardly starving. Her doctor told me under no circumstances force her or try to force her to eat because she would associate meals times with stress…go figure. I know I remember my parents no allowing us to leave the table until we finished…times they are a changing…lol Your DD will eat when she is hungry. They are so interested in everything around them, that food is just not important. Not letting her have snacks in between meals may help with meal times. It helped a bit with my DD…not much though. She still to this day is a picky pain with food and she’s 10 1/2…lol It don’t get better. Is this her first trip to WDW? My DD was in love with Minnie Mouse at that age. It was the cutest thing to see her kiss minnie on the nose. :heart: :crying: :wub:


Hi Dana,

We will be taking DD on her second trip to WDW right after Thanksgiving. We also are annual passholders to Disneyland and live only 30 miles away, so she is quite the experienced Disney traveler, lol!

We also talked to our Dr. about DD’s eating (or lack of it) shortly after it began at around 14 months old, and she also advised us to just leave her alone, she won’t let herself starve. So we don’t actually pester her about it anymore , but it just worries me to no end. I know she’s not literally starving, but she is awfully skinny (in the 25th percentile for her age and only the 10th for her height) and we worry about her getting enough nutrients so she can grow properly (although we do give her a daily multivitamin).

Also, it’s just pretty funny because DH and I LOVE to eat and look forward to that as much as the rides, and we have to diet to make sure our eating obsessions don’t get out of hand!!


I know what you mean about being nervous about it. It used to make me crazy. Wow! You already have her a Dsiney vet…lol That’s great. She’ll be ok. Try not to worry to much Mom. :heart:


Another vote for Liberty Tree Tavern!!! An absolute must do!

Also, we tried the Garden Grill for a late lunch/early dinner. What a great time. The characters actually made it around to our table four times!!!

I would recommend either.