Which one is better


looking to see which one is better,whispering canyon,and the garden grill over at epcotlooking to see what you people think,i just might eat at both…thanks for help. :happy:


Those are two very different places. What kind of experience were you looking for?

The Garden Grill has a new menu now and they do have characters there for family style meals. It’s calm and quiet with a farm style theme. http://www.allearsnet.com/menu/menu_gg.htm

Whispering Canyon is a loud, boisterous place where the wait staff typically fools around with the guests. They offer an all you care to eat skillet meal as well as more upscale menu choices. http://www.allearsnet.com/menu/menu_wc.htm


Indeed they ARE two different types of places. We like both. If you are wanting a fun “show” with noise and corny joke-telling servers, then WC is the place. The Garden Grill is much more calm (the restaurant rotates slowly- about one revolution an hour). We liked the food at GG better, but we ate there before the change in menu, so can’t say for sure now.


Don’t know about GG, but WC is a real experience, especially if you have kids or a large family/group. And the food is good.


We ate at CG on New Year’s Day. It was ok, just ok, nothing fabulous. I’m guessing you’ll have kids with you. For kids, I’d surely lean towards Whispering Canyon.


earl… try Whispering Canyon! Wow… we had reservations at WC in February, but for some reason decided to switch to Aritsts Point. It was worth going to WL just to marvel at the lobby, but we could see how great Whispering Canyon was and how much fun everyone was having in there and we wished we had chosen it instead of the Artists Point.

Garden Grill, while a good choice for a park meal, is not special enough to make it a highlight of the trip (for our family anyway!)


I love Whispering Canyon–but we had TOO Much food… and if you are not staying at WL…getting there can be a pain… Garden Grill is easier to dine at if you are enjoying a day at EPCOT… Eating at a hotel location (if you are not staying there) can take a big chunk out of your park touring time… Having already eating at WC myself…I’d opt for the Garden Grill on my next trip given the choices…


WC was a great experience, but the food was disappointing.