Which one should I request?


Ok,we are finally leaving out of here TOMORROW( I can’t wait) for OKW and I would like to know from some of you that have already been there, which section should I ask for when checking in. We have 2 studios reserved and would like a newly renovated room(if there are any). Someting close to the main stuff or at least not to far away and something close to buses. Thanks!!


We just got back and we were in building 24. It was rear everything…it took us about a minute to walk to everything. here is the map Old Key West Map - wdwinfo.com


Well, from the map, rooms 23-26 look like a good location.


I believe your rooms will not be adjacent. From what I’ve read and recall, most of the rooms at OKW are combination studio and and one bedroom that can be combined into two bedroom suites. Because of this, it’s probably pretty hard to get two studios together that will have an interconnecting door. If your studio does have a connecting door, odds are that the other side is a one bedroom suite.