Which one to stay at


looking to see which one to stay at,port orleans riverside or the wilderness logdge,stayed at port orleans in oct ,looking to go back in aug,we have an 8 year old tell me about the pools,how far is it to mk… :tongue:


I’ve never stayed at Riverside, but I am a big fan of WL! I’ve heard the pool at WL can get really crowded but even when I go during peak seasons, it hasn’t been that bad. The pool has a cool slide. If you get hungry the snack bar is really close (and it has great food), and they have a pool bar for the adults.

MK is only a boat ride away, and it doesn’t take a long time. I personally prefer taking a boat over a bus any day. WL is beautiful and everything is in one building, which I love!


I haven’t stayed at WL but I have walked through it and it is lovely. It is a few minutes on a boat over to Magic Kingdom.

I really enjoyed Riverside. We stayed there last May.


If you spend most of your time in the MK,then WL it should be!!!


Pools at POR are very nice. There are five heated “quiet” pools near the buildings in Magnolia Bend and Alligator Bayou as well as the main pool on Ol Man Island. WDW is a short (10 min or so) by bus - oops I mean Disney Motorcoach -ride.

As far as WL is concerned, we have been there many times to eat and look around, but have not stayed there. If you plan on spending most of your days at MK, then WL is a great location! It’s actually my pick for our next trip but I’m being pressured by DW and DD in the direction of POFQ…


That’s Out Of Control Bus, Disney’s stunning commuter simulation experience! Avaliable throughout all of Walt Disney World in beautiful Lake Buena Vista, Florida!


LOL you guys are too funny. :laugh: I am not personally a fan of the WDW Motorcoach Experience.


Last October we stayed at POR. We were a group of 12. We all had an awesome time! We definitely would stay there again. Never stayed at WL but would love to stay there someday. :happy:


Go to the Wilderness Lodge. It’s just a short boat ride away from the MK.


If the price difference does not matter, I say go for the WL. I would love to stay at either one, but WL has a much better location if you plan to spend a lot of time at the Magic Kingdom. :smile:


We’ve stayed at both, and you just can’t beat the WL for it’s lobby, theming, and setting. Every place on Disney property is special, but WL is one of the extra-special ones :biggrin:. Our kids loved the pool at WL – my 6 year old DS kept doing the slide over, and over, and over, and over… This was while the hotel was completely full for Memorial Day weekend, and the pool was totally manageable.

Also, for getting to MK WL is definitely better, so if the price difference isn’t a dealbreaker, I’d go with WL.


We have stayed at PORR twice and it is nice (and the only moderate to sleep five). However, be warned it is very large and spread out. You may have a long walk to the main building/restaurant, etc. You do get access to two pools (POFQ also) that are both very well done.