Which one?


OK so I will be able to make my advanced dinning reservations at the end of the month…so I was wondering if ya’ll would mind teling me what are you very favorite eateries. I am especially interested in finding a good “table” meal at MK…and yes I am going for a shot at eating in the castle with Cinderella. I don’t mind telling you that I did have Coral Reef on my list of must-do’s but after the last few trip reports I’ve read I think I might just skip it.


Honestly, I’d give Coral Reef a chance if you’ve never done it. My Dad just returned from a 7day trip and LOVED CR. He said it was one of the best meals they had. Hopefully he’s not just easily impressed. LOL

I’m trying so many new restaurants during my upcoming trip that I’m afraid to recommend anything just yet. I’ve been about a dozen times but for some reason, I’ve missed most of the restaurants recommended here.

I was told to go to:
Le Cellier
Chef Mickey’s
Wolfgang Puck Cafe
California Grill

I’m actually going to:

Les Chefs de France
Crystal Palace (only sitdown in MK that I enjoy)
Le Cellier
Mama Melrose (Fantasmic! dining package)
Victoria & Albert’s (anniversary dinner)
Wolfgang Puck Cafe
Kona Cafe
Chef Mickey’s

Good luck with your choices! Also, I’m sure you could do a search on the board and find several threads with recs on them. :slight_smile:


The must do for me is Chef Mickey. You can’t beat the atmosphere and it really gets you in the mood for a “Day At Disney”:heart: . I hear a lot of good things about Le Cellier but the menu just doesn’t appeal to me. For a sit-down meal we actually like Tony’s Town Square. We’ve been very lucky with our meals there.

Happy Eating!!


wea re trying lots of new ones in 2 weeks (well…just under 2 weeks)!! they are:

Marrakesh, Lecellier, Akershus (princess dining), rainforest cafe, maya grill, ohana, whispering canyon, & Boma.

have you checked menus online? that’s a great way to see if they offer something you would enjoy! try allears.net or wdwinfo.com for uptodate menus!

have fun!!

btw - we have cousins in niceville!


Ahhh… the Castle meal. Be sure and book EXACTLY 180 days in advance!!! Call first thing that morning!

My favorite sit-downs at MK are Liberty Tree Tavern and Tony’s Town Square. Crystal Palace is nice, but very hectic. You’ll still have to wait a good 30 minutes with that ADR, and if you don’t have every single person in your party with you when they call your group, they refuse to seat you.

The Coral Reef is nice, but be sure you have a good view of the aquarium. There are several tables with obstructed views. If you find yourself about to be seated at a table behind a wall, feel free to request a table with a better view. In most cases, the CM will happily move you.

For Epcot, my favorite table-service meals are The Garden Grill, San Angel Inn, and Teppanyaki (now Teppan Edo, opening in November, I believe). You really can’t go wrong at Epcot.

For the Studios (ugg… I can’t call it MGM, anymore!), I suggest Sci-Fi and Prime Time. I’m actually not a fan of the Brown Derby… I don’t find the food to be that outstanding.

Many of the best restaurants are at the resorts. Some favorites are Whispering Canyon (Wilderness Lodge), Chef Mickey’s (Contemporary), and I’ve heard wonderful things about O’hana (Polynesian) and Boma (Animal Kingdom Lodge).

Oh, there are so many options! You want to do them all, but you want to go back for your favorites. It’s a never-ending cycle of Disney vacations!!!


I would NOT throw Coral Reef out due to some ill-reports. You must experience it for yourself before judging really. It is DEFINATELY our “must do” EPCOT restaurant, I have eaten there about 4 times in the past couple of years and have NOT had one dissapointment what so ever.

Everyone prefers different dining experiences & cuisine. I’d urge you to try Coral Reef and decide for yourself.

I personally would not go back to Chef Mickey unless you dragged me there but obviously Monique in the post above me has had great experiences there.

To be honest, as far as a “MK table service” goes I definately prefer Liberty Tree Tavern. Although, it’s VERY menu specific without a lot of food variety. If you like that kind of food you are going to LOVE it; it’s considerably more quiet & a nicer character atmosphere than Chef Mickey’s which I find to be kind of loud and rushed.

Tony’s I thought was better at lunchtime; the food is NOT spectacular at all. Especially if you live somewhere regionally where Italian food is authentic & plentiful. The restaurant itself is cute & quiet, but to us the food is just “blah.”

I can go either way with Crystal Palace; their food is definately better than Chef Mickey’s but I notice they aren’t as fast to replace empty dishes or desserts & there have been some character inconsistancies. Meaning I have been there and taken pictures with ALL the characters & we took our time eating a slower dinner and have also been there when only one came to our side & we felt really rushed.

Have you ever thought about trying 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian or even the Ohana breakfast are both GREAT character meals with good food!


Don’t limit your choices to just MK restaurants, there are so many great choices in the resorts near MK. We like 'Ohana and Kona Cafe at the Poly, Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary, Hoop Dee Doo at Fort Wilderness, and Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge. Othe favorites are Artist Point, Calif Grill, and Concourse Steakhouse.

For a lighter type meal we love Plaza Restaurant in MK. The menu is limited but the service it very good and the food is good.


We like Crystal Palace, Chef Mickey’s, Le Cellier, Biergarten, Boma, Whispering Canyon, San Angel Inn. I am sure there are some I am forgetting. We haven’t had a bad meal in WDW, except at Hollywood and Vine. Not real fond of that one.


In Mk, I would recommend Liberty Tree Tavern (dinner is a character meal), and I would try for Cinderella’s Castle. You never know.
We always do the buffet at Crystal Palace, and also love Chef Mickey’s. For entertainment, you can’t beat Whispering Canyon Cafe at WL.


My Favorites are:

MK - Tony’s (TS), Liberty Tree (TS), Crystal Palace (TS), Casey’s Corner (CS for great hot dogs) Pinochio’s (CS), CRT (TS)

MGM - 50’s Prime Time (TS), Sci Fi (TS)

Epcot - San Angel (TS in Mexico) & Canteena (CS in Mexico)

Animal Kingdom - Flametree BBQ (CS)

DTD - Earl of Sandwich (CS) Ghiradelli (CS)

Ohana’s (POLY TS)
Whispering Canyon (WL TS)
Hoop D (Fort Wilderness TS)
Chef Mickeys’s (Contemporary TS)
Trails End Buffet ( Fort Wilderness TS)
Boatwrights’s (POR TS)
ESPN ( Boardwalk)


Well my 1st vote for a good TS meal at MK would be Liberty Tree Tavern, we had just a great meal last month there. And a second vote would go to Tony’s.

I second the recommendation to not limit your selections to just the parks as DT said. We always have Ohana on our list and now Kona too at the Poly.

Some of our other favs are Wolfgang Pucks in DTD, Le Cellier and California Grill at the Contemporary.

I always recommend to my friends who are planning a trip to check out the menus at All Ears. As Wish said, everyone prefers different dining experiences and cuisine. Reviewing the menus helps make the decisions a little easier for your own group. Magic Your Way Dining Plan - 2007 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages

Good luck planning and let us know what you decide.:happy:


How about the ones we don’t like? I don’t care for 50’s Prime Time but that’s because I don’t dig that type of food. Not into the home cooking stuff like meatloaf. I also don’t care for Biergarten which is just wrong considering I come from a German family. LOL Although, I don’t care much for that type of food either. Haha!! I love a good brat but no kraut and I didn’t like the brat I had there. :slight_smile: Hmm…maybe the ones I don’t like are just because I’m picky…


here are my Favorites

Kona Cafe ( breakfast but will be trying in October for Dinner )
Crystal Palace
Boma’s ( Wed or Saturdays )
Chef Mickeys
Le Cellier

I also liked nine dragons
Cape may
Liberty tree tabern
garden grill


[B]My favorites are:

Biergarten - Germany
Coral Reef - The Living Seas
Garden Grill - The Land
Le Cellier - Canada

Magic Kingdom:
Cinderellas Royal Table
Crystal Palace

Chef Mickey’s - Contemporary
Cape May Cafe - Beach Club
1900 Park Fare - Grand Flordian
O’Hanas - Polynesian
Boma - Animal Kingdom Lodge[/B]


Eating dinner in the castle, even though it’s not with princesses, is a nice treat. They have a very nice sit down dinner.