Which package?


Okay, DS (will be 14 trip time) and I are going Sept. 2008. We are really having a hard time choosing our resort, we are down to either CBR or CSR. I know, I have posted twice that we decided, only to learn something new about the other and change our mind again. We have CBR ressies right now. But here is my question. We were watching the Vacation DVD and DS really wants to do a water park and Disney Quest. Would it be worth booking the upgrade to the package that includes these? Or would I be better off purchasing tickets separate?

I know I have been asking alot of questions for this trip, and I appreciate all the tips and advice. I am making this trip JUST me and my DSs. I still don’t know if my oldest DS will go but I am hoping he will change his mind. I want us to do things we never got to do on previous trips…go at OUR own pace, not that of others.


If your DS wants to do both the water parks and DQ, get the upgrade. You will be able to do them multiple times depending on how many days your pass is for. If you were only doing one, I would just pay for the tickets, but for both, it’s worth it to upgrade.


Single day tickets at the gates for the water parks and Disney Quest are close to $40. If you can get any advantage by adding the water parks and more option to your package tickets, that’s probably the better way to go.


I just did some checking…the difference in cost with and without the water hopper option whick includes water parks and disney quest is only $106. So I think I will add that option to our package. That is on $53 each to do the extras.


Sounds like you’re getting a great deal! :smile:


Get the water parks and more option if you plan on using it. Id rather have it paid for so I didn’t have to worry bout it then have to get tickets when I was there. Easier that way


Usually, you are better leaving the water park add-on off of the package if you are only going to go to the water parks once. If you are going to the water parks/Disney Quest or Pleasure Island more than once during your trip, get the add-on, it will save you money.

Sound like you will be making more than one trip, so do the add-on.


I would get the add-on. Like you said it is only $53 each and the water park and Disney Quest just once each is more than that!! Plus, you will have as many options/visits as the number of days pass!!


So do I understand correctly, you can go to a water park, Disney Quest or PI everyday your park passes are good? Meaning we could do DQ several evenings during our stay? Not just a one time admission for these things? I’ve never done anything except Park Hoppers before.


Correct! From what I see on AllEars you get one plus option per day on your pass so if you get a 10 day MYW pass you will get 10 water park and fun options.


Well, that makes it an even better deal. I believe we will want to make several short trips to DQ and then at least one trip to a water park.:happy:


Yes that is how it works. we purchased the water park and more option last year when we went but it only was 6 options for a 10 day pass. We did each water park once and DQ once- so it more than paid for the option. They changed it so now you get one option for everyday of the pass (10days=10 options). Have fun!!!


I just called and upgraded to include the water park options. It was only an additional $106. I asked the CM and we can use these options and they don’t take away from the days in the parks. So we can get fewer days on the park hoppers and use those days at the water parks and DQ. If I do that it will recoup some of the extra, not that it is that much. We can do DQ multiple times. Thanks for everyones help!


You could also think about adding the non-expiration so you could use any extra water park and DQ days on future trips. However, you can decide that later when you know how many days you have left at the end of you trip.


You mean I can make changes even after we arrive? I didn’t know that. Would I have to pay the no expiration on the full number of days purchased or just on the remaining, unused days?


Correct, you pay for upgrading the original ticket. I’ve never upgraded a pass before but the family we traveled with a couple of years ago added the no expire option on our last night. They waited to see if it was going to be worth it because we weren’t sure how many days they would use.


Thank you, I will have to remember that.


I was just at CSR and would not stay there again…