Which parade?


When my family goes to WDW in June we are planning on it being very hot. Each afternoon I am planning on us going to the resort and swimming,relaxing ect.
If we see the spectromagic parade at MK on a monday evening and possibly the AK parade on Tues. then do we need to see the afternoon parade at MK. It’s scheduled everyday at 3pm. The day we will be at MK is a wednesday which is it’s EMH night. We’ll be there in the morning for The Crystal Palace breakfast and then I was hoping we’d go back to the hotel. We have a PS for the Liberty Tavern that same evening at 7pm. And then of course the EMH. This is our first trip to disney. Is this afternoon parade a must or will the other two be just as great?

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welcome to the dc!!! woo hoo from baloo! I am confused on what you are asking…but I guess, you do what ever you guys want…just make sure you will have a great time…I know you will!


When I checked the park schedules for June they listed a 3pm parade everyday for MK and a night time parade just on one evening. Is this the same parade?

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Welcome aboard. The parades at WDW are fantastic. All of them. Bar none. The MK parade is a must, but I REALLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND Animal Kingdom’s as well, not just because I’m cast in it, but because the music, floats and puppets are terrific. And SpectroMagic is a must, so definitely eat quickly at Liberty Tree Tavern and go outside the tavern to get a good seat. The parade goes right by it.


The daytime parade and nightime parade are different. But you don’t have to do everything this trip. As you know, it’s impossible to see and do everything. You can always save something for the next visit!


If I had to choose, I would see spectro over the 3pm parade any day of the week. The Share a dream parade is a good one though. The day that me and my DD saw it was an “off” day. We didn’t plan any park that day and just went over to the mk to see the parade. It’s not a must for me, but it is a good parade. Welcome to DC . Glad you are here.


How great - your first trip! I know the feeling - you just don’t want to miss ANYTHING! But, trying to do everything usually results in some disappointment, or tears, or whatever. The afternoon parades are great - but I would choose the rest and swim over the parades. Especially the MK one. Do not miss Spectro - it’s amazing. And if you get a chance to see “Stars and Cars” at MGM, stick around for that. But trying to cram too much into a blazing hot day isn’t such a good idea - and remember, anything you miss this time, you can always do on your next trip back - and you will be back - lol


If you cant or dont want to do both then I would go with Spectro Magic also… And then dont forget about the water light parade ( I cant remember what it is actually called) The one that goes around Bay Lake… We like it sit on the Dock at the Poly and watch that…


We hadn’t “planned” to see any of the parades except Spectromagic. Quite by accident we caught the parade at AK on our way to the safari. And by accident we caught the MK parade after we finished lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern. Then, by accident, we caught the lighted boat parade on the lake. Of course we saw Spectromagic as planned. They were all awesome to watch and will plan to see them again next time around now that we know what we would have missed if our timing had been different! Spectromagic was our favorite, though. Aahhhhh. there goes the PDD again



Spectromagic is a better parade, and I agree that you can always save something for your next trip. Don’t go crazy trying to fit everything in - then it becomes “I have to DO everything” rather than “I’m ENJOYING everything”.


We missed Spectro last trip and are not missing it this trip!! Saw the MGM and MK parades. Both were great! Going to see the AK parade and Water Pagent this year too.

Spectro is a not miss parade! Have fun planning your trip.


This wouldn’t be a first… I TOTALLY agree with Jenny and Dana. If I HAD to choose, SpectroMagic is a much cooler (and longer) parade. And RowdyRaider is absolutley right about the AK parade. I actually haven’t seen the whole thing yet. But the portion that I saw last December made me wish that I had. We probably won’t get a chance to see it in June either and it’s one of the things that I’m regretting.

But as ddoll and Jenny said, the point here is that you can’t do everything. You’ll just have to make plans to go back another time. Wouldn’t that be horrible? :wink:

SpectroMagic is a must see. It’s perhaps the best parade that WDW has right now.


Without a doubt Spectro Magic is the best parade in WDW!


Thanks for the info everyone. Spectro it is. And yes, I most definitely will be planning another trip. I’m already thinking about it and I haven’t even gone on this one yet. I think I’m turning into a disney fanatic. Just like everyone else here.

Glad to join the crew!!!

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Caln, I know where you’re coming from. I’ve been planning our first ever trip staying at WDW for the last 7 months! I don’t think we’re going to plan on the 3pm MK parade. We, too, are having an early breakfast on MK day (at O’Hana’s), then spend until early afternoon at MK. Head back to resort to swim, rest. Have dinner, then head back to Mk for Spectro and Wishes that night. At least that’s that plan right now. Who know what will actually take place!!!


Good choice, caln!! (and welcome to DC!) Spectro is amazing! Maybe your next trip will be in some cooler months and then you can hit the afternoon parade too. :slight_smile:


The clowns in SpectroMagic scare me.
The only float you really need to see is the one with Mickey. We always like to take advantage of the short lines during parades.